My LA Girl Pro Conceal Stash

Hi guys! Contouring and highlighting has been the rage for a while now. For a while, I refused to be sucked into the hype, but hey, I’m allowed to change my mind right? So I picked up the LA Girl pro concealers at the Makeup Ghana Connects exhibition to experiment


Left to right: fawn, mahogany, orange corrector.

These aren’t my first LA Girl concealers. I wanted fawn but it was out of stock so I got warm honey in it’s place and beautiful bronze a while ago to use as a contour and highlight, but warm honey turned out to be too yellow and beautiful bronze was just not dark enough for a contour. So I use warm honey to define and clean up my brows for a pow look and beautiful bronze for spot concealing. It’s a tad darker than my skin but I make it work. I’ve been using it pretty long and I absolutely LOVE it.


Fawn, mahogany, orange corrector, beautiful bronze, warm honey

I did try using warm honey as a highlight but no matter how much I blended, it looked ashy and all sorts of wrong. It does an excellent job of cleaning up my brows.



These come with a brush tip for easy application. They are water based, so don’t be alarmed when you squeeze and water comes gushing out!


Warm honey, beautiful bronze, mahogany, fawn, orange corrector. It’s pretty clear from this just how yellow warm honey is. I couldn’t pull it off no matter how hard I try 😂

Fawn does a beautiful job of highlighting. It’s just the right shade for my skin tone and blends beautifully. No ashy mess for me sistah!

Mahogany is several shades darker than me and contours nicely. It could also be used as a regular concealer for darker girls.


Highlighting my face using LA Girl pro concealer in fawn.


Highlight blended (just in case you’re wondering, no I’m not mad lol)

Notice I didn’t talk about the orange corrector. That’s because I will do a separate post on that very soon. These concealers are very pigmented and a little goes a very long way. They do not crease (thank God for that) and can last for hours.

All in all, I’m impressed by these. And best of all they are inexpensive and accessible, mostly through online stores. I think the cheapest I’ve got one is 15 cedis (at the sale) and the most expensive, 20 cedis, which is still very affordable.

What is your contour/highlight routine? I’d love to hear from you!

Beverly xx


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