Products I Regret Buying

I never thought I would have to write this particular post, but it’s about time I did, because let’s face it, not everything we buy turns out to be so great. Now some of the products in this post may surprise you cos I might have spoken pretty well on them, but frequent usage has made me realise that they actually weren’t so great at all. So without further ado, I start with…

1. CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation


Yes shocking right? Because I spoke so glowingly of this foundation when I reviewed it first but after wearing it a few times, I decided that I do NOT like this at all. First the undertones are off. I got this in the shade 365 Soft Sable and the undertones are too neutral and somehow this foundation manages to make me look flat. Coverage is super super light and contrary to what I thought, it can’t be built up, so it’s definitely not going to completely cover acne scars or hyperpigmentation. So unless you have near perfect skin, please stay away from this foundation. I haven’t used it in forever but my mum seems to like it so she’s the only one that uses it now.

2. BH Cosmetics Party Girl brush set


These are the very first brushes I tried, and while I was impressed at first, I now realized that I am not a happy camper. The brushes are soft to the touch, but for some reason that is the only thing I like about them. And I think a lot of the brushes, individually, are very crappy. The blush brush is total rubbish. I literally have to run it over my blush over 5 times to get it to pick up any product, and when it finally manages to, there’s fall out EVERYWHERE. Ugh. And the angled brushes are not stiff enough to be used to apply any kind of creme or gel formulation. Eyeshadow brushes are just meh. The only brush that I would say isn’t as bad is the powder brush, but hey it’s hard to mess up a powder brush huh? The redeeming qualities about them are that they are very easy to wash and retain their shape well. There is also minimum shedding. Save yourself some money and invest in another brush set.

3. Colorbox Pro Beauty Blender


This is not so much the on the use as it is on the quality because I LOVE this beauty blender. It’s affordable and blends flawlessly. BUT. It is of such poor quality omg. It ripped the first time I washed it and the tear has just gotten bigger with every wash to the point that it’s falling apart after barely 4 months. Definitely not repurchasing, because it doesn’t make sense to keep spending 25 cedis on a sponge that isn’t going to last. Oh and did I mention that it’s a bxtch to clean? It stains really easily. No likey.

4. LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints


I definitely made it clear from the very beginning how crappy I thought these were. 7+ months down the line and I still think they’re crap. I really do not see what everyone was raving about because these are just horrible. Aside from the cooling sensation which I like, this is like the worst lip product I have ever tried, hands down. I’m just going to toss these because I can’t see anyone liking them. Ugh.

5. LA Girl Pro Setting Powder


I loved this when I first got it. A lot. But it doesn’t seem to work as well for me anymore, which sucks big time. It doesn’t keep me matte for as long as it used to, and for some reason whenever I use it to set my Maybelline SuperStay, it looks so cakey, which does not happen when I use the SuperStay on its own. And it’s so tiny I’m running out already (but on the upside I could probably post my first empties post so yay) I don’t think I’m going to be repurchasing.

Please note that these are my experiences with these products. That’s not too say they won’t work for you because they didn’t work for me, so you can still go right ahead and try them if you want to.

Ever regret buying and products? Share your experiences with me

Beverly xx


Haulin’ It: Makeup Ghana Connects Booty

I am officially on a no-buy. And I mean it this time. Every time I impose a no buy on myself, I cave and get myself new stuff. I need help 😿

On Good Friday, I decided to get a few things that I’ve needed for a while (note: this was before I came up with the no-buy) so off I went to the Makeup Ghana Connects Good Friday sales. And these came home with me


Elf matte lip colour in rich red
CoverGirl ready set gorgeous foundation in 315 tawny
LA Girl pro HD setting powder
LA Girl pro conceal in fawn, mahogany and an orange corrector
Colorbox cosmetics pro big mama beauty blender
Colorbox cosmetics Ohemaa strip lashes
Colorbox cosmetics pro eyelash applicator
CoverGirl outlast stay fabulous foundation in 375 soft sable
Colorbox cosmetics pro beauty blender mini me

Whew! I must have typed the word “pro” about a million times!

Now you see why I’m on a no buy?! Most of these, I’ve wanted for ages so I’m happy I got them now, especially on sale. Who doesn’t like to save a little money? Of course, I’m going to review these individually and give you my thoughts on them so look forward to them!

Any of these that you’ve tried?

Beverly xx