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I guess it’s pretty obvious that I’m a foundation junkie. I like trying new things and discovering what will work and what won’t and what is worth the price and hype and what isn’t. I’ve used several foundation in the last year and this is what I have currently in rotation. I’ve reviewed all of these foundations, except for the Revlon Colorstay so I’ll just talk briefly about them to give you a general overview. I’ll also link the ones I’ve reviewed so you can check it out if you would like. 

All of these brands are brown girl friendly and there is a wide selection for women of colours and deeper. Melanin for the win! And a big nod to these brands for considering us and not making us an afterthought like some others do. 

First foundation I’m going to talk about is the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. This was the first high end foundation I ever splurged on, and the one that piqued my interest for higher end makeup. It comes in 20 shades and my shade is New Orleans. There are 2 more shades darker than this, so quite enough to choose from. Most of NARS’ foundations run warmer which suits us of the deeper variety with warm undertones. New Orleans is such a great match. It leans orange when swatched but that does not translate when applied. No oompa loompa over here. It’s one of my favourite foundations. In fact it was my favourite til I started using my new favourite, which I’ll talk about soon. It’s suitable for oily skin, dries to a soft matte finish and wears for hours. It’s also worth mentioning that it comes with a pump which is definitely appreciated. 

Next I’ll talk about is Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr Foundation. This is one of the most popular foundations ever and it has a cult following, and for good reason too. It comes in a wide range of shades, although in the UK, where I got mine, the range is not as extensive as the US. Still, there are 3 shades darker than mine (Ambre). I believe it comes in 20 shades in the UK and EU compared to 40 for the US so if you feel like you fall in between shades in a lot of foundations, definitely consider getting yours from the US. It’s one of the only foundations that actually leans yellow and not orange. It matches me really well, just my All day luminous. It dries to a satin – y velvety matte finish, is largely transfer resistant and controls oil really well. This also comes with a pump. 

Maybelline Fit Me: I reviewed this recently and you probably know that I didn’t like this very much. I expected to like it because a lot of people do but it just didn’t wow me. It also didn’t help that the undertones were wrong. My shade, Mocha, is the darkest in the range and I’m not even considered that dark when it comes to skin tone. It dries to a satin finish, transfers like crazy, does not leave me neither matte nor poreless. My biggest peeve is that it doesn’t come with a pump. Boo. 

Next on the list is Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. This foundation comes in about 12 shades, with the darkest being Soft Sable. I got the next to darkest, Tawny, to mix with another Covergirl foundation, the Outlast Stay Fabulous. Drugstore foundations tend to lean neutral as they get darker and the Outlast Stay Fabulous was no exception, reason why I got Tawny to mix it in with Soft Sable to bring a little golden to better match me. I like them okay. They’re not great but for drugstore, they’re fine. I feel like Ready Set Gorgeous is a much better foundation than Outlast Stay Fabulous, which has sheerer coverage so I do plan to get Soft Sable to wear on its own. The range is not as extensive as some of these others that I’ve mentioned, however if you do want to try a Covergirl foundation, the Queen Collection has a wide range by a dark skin woman for dark skin women. 

Next on the list is Becca Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation. With a name like that you’d expect it so be a godsend for oily girls but if you read my review you’d know that I didn’t like this foundation at all. Even after writing the review, I tried to give it another shot but I still don’t like it. The colour I got, Sandalwood, was a good match but the undertones were just wrong. There’s a pretty wide range for darker skin. There are 3 shades that are darker than Sandalwood. It dries fast, coverage is light and only build up if you want to look casket ready. For how much I love their ever matte primer, this foundation was a fail to me. 

The final foundation I’m going to talk to talk about is the Revlon Colorstay. This is probably one of the, if not the most, popular drugstore foundation. It comes in two formulas for normal/dry skin and for combination/oily skin. Of course I got the combination/oily skin formula because I am an oily girl. I picked this up in the shade Cappuccino.There is such a huge jump from Caramel which has warm undertones to Cappuccino, which has red undertones and I wasn’t about to buy two to mix. Thinking about it, I should have got Mahogany because that seems to have warmer undertones. I never reviewed this foundation because I lost the photos I took and I really didn’t feel like taking new ones. This foundation is everyone’s favourite because it supposedly lasts a crazy long time and controls oil so well. That was not my experience at all. I wasn’t impressed by this foundation. The wear time is just okay, the colour, of course as I’ve already mentioned was not the best and it doesn’t control my oils as well as thought it would. I’d definitely pass on this foundation. In fact I barely use it but my mum seems to love it so she’s the only one that uses it. I should also mention that the bottle I got came with a pump. It’s of a thicker consistency and it’s one saving grace is that it is easy to blend. 
If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for your attention and for reading! Comment below what your favourite foundation/s is/are and any recommendations you may have for me. 



Lancôme Teint Idole | Review, Wear Test, Should You Get It? 

Happy New Year! We’re several days into the new year but this is my first post so it’s only fitting that I wish everyone reading a happy new year. It’s taken me so long to post because I haven’t been satisfied with the quality of my photos.  I’ve kind of figured it out some so I’m back. And as compensation for not posting, I’m going to have a new post up everyday this week, then after I’ll be posting every Tuesday and Friday. Let’s get right into the review. 

I’ve been testing out the Lancôme Teint Idole foundation for a while now. If you haven’t heard of this foundation, the rock you’re living under must be pretty huge because it’s one of the most popular foundations I’ve ever seen, and for good reason.I did a mini review on instagram (@bisfor_beverly if you’re not following me on there what are you waiting for?) and it was pretty obvious that I really like this foundation but let’s get into why I do. 

The foundation promises: an oil – free up to 24-hour long wear foundation that delivers medium to full coverage and leaves a natural velvety matte finish

Just in case you didn’t know, there are two versions of the teint idole, the US version and the EU version. I got the EU version because I got mine from the UK and I’m in the shade 12 Ambre. The US has a wider range, with about 10 for darker skin, compared to 5 for darker skin in the EU. I had gotten matched previously at the mall so I didn’t have any problem selecting my shade. It comes in a tapered frosted glass bottle which makes the foundation look a lot lighter than it actually is. Did I mention that it comes with a pump? Lancôme describes this as a medium to full foundation and that is exactly what it is. I use two full pumps, one side for each side of my face and neck and it’s bye bye imperfections. I could probably build it up to full coverage with another layer but I don’t think that I need to because one layer covers up so well. 

It dries to a satin – matte finish, which is not at all flat. It blends easily with both a beauty blender and a brush, although I prefer a beauty blender. It is lightweight and stays that way even after several hours of wear. 

It controls my oils so well. I typically don’t set my foundations and I find that I don’t need to blot til after 6 hours. Within my 12 hour day, I only have to blot twice! This is pretty amazing, especially if you consider how oily I am. I haven’t tested out the 24 hour claim but I’ve worn it for 13 hours and it held up amazingly well for that time. It didn’t settle into my laugh lines or anything of the sort. 

This is one of very few foundations I’ve seen that actually has yellow undertones, and the shade and undertones match me oh so well. The first time I tried this, I almost cried with relief because of how well it matched me I noticed that it does oxidize and adjusts to fit my skin tone because it definitely swatches and goes on more yellow, and darkens slightly after a few minutes. Freshly swatchedAfter a few minutes. 

See how it has obviously oxidized? However I do not notice any more oxidation as the day goes on. It has SPF 15 but thankfully there is no flashback. It’s best to shake before use but it is not at all runny, unlike my NARS ADLW. The two are obviously different in both shade and undertones but they both work for me. 

The one obvious con about this foundation is that it is heavily scented. It smells a lot like Lancôme’s La Vie en Rose perfume. However the smell goes away after it is blended in. When I swatched it on my arm, the smell lingered til I washed it off. That’s how strong it is. So if you are sensitive to smells this is probably not the foundation for you. 

The foundation also claims to be transfer proof which is largely true but if you sweat or get oily, it’ll definitely transfer. 

All in all this foundation is pretty freaking amazing, and definitely worth the hype. It’s pretty steep but then again Lancôme is a luxury brand so you’re paying for the name as well as the product, which as you can see from this review is all sorts of amazing. If you can afford to splurge $47 on a foundation, I say getchu some! 

Price for this foundation is not fixed here in Ghana. Last I checked it was 232 cedis at the Westhills mall but that price is subject to change. However I got mine from @your_treasure_gh on instagram 

Thanks for reading! xx


Currently Coveting… 

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Hey guys. So these are products I’ve been lusting after for one reason or the other, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Let’s get right into the post!

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The first product I’ve been drooling over is the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. This is definitely a YouTube-made-me-want-it product. It is highly raved about in the interwebs, all my favorite YouTubers talk so highly about it so I find out if it’s really worth the hype!

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The next product I’ve been lusting after is the Estee Lauder double wear stay in place makeup. Yes, I have not tried this foundation yet. Everybody and they mama has been raving about this foundation and I have been hesitant to try it and let me tell you why. Even though this foundation comes in a lot of shades, in warm, neutral and cool, I find that the darkest shade in the warm category, sandalwood 6W1, is too light for me. The next shade down, 7W1 deep spice, which is one of the new shades that was added to the range, is too dark for me. And I certainly cannot buy 2 to mix because it cost a pretty penny. Rich cocoa 6C1 looks like it would be a good match, but it’s cool. So now do you understand my dilemma? Le sigh. I should probably go get colour matched and see if I should take the plunge. 

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Next product on my wish list is the Sacha buttercup setting powder. Once again, I am late to the party on this setting powder. It is another highly raved about product that’s supposed to be revolutionary and life changing. I definitely am sucked into the hype and I can’t wait to try it!

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Also on my wish list is the Lancôme teint idole ultra 24hr foundation. This is supposedly a great foundation with amazing coverage, great staying power and is highly talked about. It’s is one of Jackie Alina’s favourite foundations, and that girl can do no wrong in my eyes. Also the packaging is so cute! 

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Final item on my wish list is the Clinique Pore refining solutions instant Perfector. It is not exactly a primer, but it can be used like one because it is very mattifying. I swatched this on my hand at the Clinique counter at Westhills and I was like whoa! I need to get me this! So of course, it has to go on my wish list. 

Now I had to narrow this all the way down, because there’s are so many things that I’m wanting. And you can tell that most of these are on the higher end side, but the heart wants what the heart wants 😂 

Thanks for reading.