Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation 

Hi guys! So this review should have gone up agesssss ago but a girl has been feeling a little lazy 😂😂 so anyway, just dive straight into this review. 

This foundation is probably the most expensive foundation in my collection so let’s find out if it’s worth the buy. 

I’ve been coveting this foundation for foreverrrrr but couldn’t bring myself to pay with 64 big ones for just a foundation. The name already pretty states that it is luminous so I always assumed it wouldn’t be the best fit for an oily gal like me, but after I watched countless reviews that said it wasn’t so bad on oily skin and that praised the beautiful finish of it, I was instantly sold. 

It comes in a range of shades, 24 to be exact, with about 7 for tan to deep skin. The shade for dark to deep skin is pretty scanty which I find pretty crappy, and I picked it up in the shade 13, which is the second to last shade. Yup. And I’m not even that dark. 

Shade 13 is described on the Armani site as deep with neutral undertones. I feel like the undertones lean more warm because the shade matches me so well. 

“Reveal your inner light. Inspired by charmeuse silk, “The Fabric of Emperors” this luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit – from – within glow”

The foundation comes in an odd shaped glass bottle and it comes with a pump, which I really like. It does have a luxurious look and feel to it, and the bottle has some heft to it. The brand claims the foundation has medium buildable coverage but I find that coverage on the foundation is pretty sheer, which can be built to medium but just barely. I go in with two full pumps but it barely covers the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. It has a satin finish, which surprised me because I didn’t expect it to set at all. I could even wear it without setting it with a powder because it has an absolutely beautiful finish. I kid you not. The finish on this is a lovely glow – from – within type of finish and it gives my skin a very beautiful glow to it. It leaves my skin looking very natural but radiant when I wear it, you can definitely tell I’m wearing something expensive. 

The shade match is close to perfection, and like I already mentioned, matches so amazingly well. It blends amazingly, is so silky and glides on so effortlessly. I compared the shade to a few of my existing foundations. 

You can tell that the shade 13 is pretty similar to the other shades I wear so I think I did a pretty good job matching myself. 

Now let’s talk about a few elephants in the room.. so this is supposed to be a luminous foundation and I’m an oily girl. Of course I didn’t go into this foundation expecting oil control, and this definitely does not help to control my oils. However I’m not mad about that because it doesn’t claim to control oil. About 4 hours into my day, my oils start to break through around my nose (which is probably almost always the first place on my face to get oily) whether I set it or not. However it is quite long wearing. It lasts me through my 12 work day. I do find that it starts to separate around my cheek area about 7 hours in but that’s not bad at all, because it doesn’t claim to be particularly long wearing. 

Also let’s talk about the price. Is it really worth 64 American dollars? I don’t think so. Yes it has a beautiful finish, I love the lit from within glow but you really don’t need to spend $64 to glow. Also I think the shade range needs some work. There could definitely be anointed the a shade or 5 in between my shade (13) and the darkest (14) which is pretty dark so it includes people who are darker than me but not necessarily the darkest shade. 

I don’t think I will be repurchasing this when I run out, not because I don’t like it – I actually really do, which surprised me because I didn’t expect to like a luminous foundation – but I really don’t think I should have to spend so much on a foundation, and I prefer matte foundations anyway. I really like it and will continue to use it but I would not really recommend it, unless you want to splurge on yourself. 

In this picture that I posted to my Instagram, (are you following me on there? if you aren’t you totally should) I’m wearing the luminous silk foundation. See how beautiful it looks? 

What is your favourite high end foundation? 

Thanks for reading xx 


Say Hello to My New Fave: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

Hi guys! I haven’t posted in a bit cos my WordPress app had been trippin’ 😑 I’m back with another foundation review. Now you know I’m a bit of a foundation fiend and have amassed quite a bit (see my entire here). My collection is quite large and I do have my holy grail foundation but I tried a few new foundations lately and I’m here to tell you, I’m in LOVE. This foundation has a pretty long name but for the purposes of this review, we’ll just refer to it as Makeup Forever Ultra HD. 

Shade Matching:                                             The foundation comes in 40 shades. Forty! That’s mind blowing. Matching myself was pretty easy. I was pretty sure I would be this shade because that’s the shade one of my favourite YouTubers, Ambra Emerald Eyes uses, and since we’re about the same colouring, I was convinced that would be my shade, so I picked this up in the shade Y535 which used to be 178 Chestnut in the original HD formula. 

Packaging:                                                       I’m definitely a sucker for pretty packaging, and this one hits the right points It comes in a plastic bottle. I like the pop is metal on the bottle. 

These are the claims the brand makes: Created for the very latest high definition technologies of the film and tv industry, Ultra HD advanced formulas look invisible in 4K definition and to the naked eye. The light – diffusing Ultra HD foundation looks natural, makes skin look flawless and feel moisturized. Exclusive 4K Complex guarantees invisible and comfortable coverage. 

My Thoughts:                                                 Makeup Forever got it so right with this foundation. The shade range is divided my undertones, R for Red/Pink undertones and Y for Yellow undertones; I have warmer undertones and the shade is a perfect match for me. It’s one of the most perfect matches I’ve ever had. It is literally my skin in a bottle, that’s how amazing it matches me. It does not run too red or too orange like some foundations do, but a perfect middle ground. SwatchedIt is of a thicker consistency, and blends easily. I’ve only ever applied it using a beauty blender and I love how it applies. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t cling to any patches. I was pretty apprehensive about picking this up because it claims to have a “natural finish” and I’m all about the matte life. I’m happy to report that although it doesn’t claim to be matte, it doesn’t exaggerate my oiliness either so if you’re oily and skeptical about getting this, you have nothing to worry about. The finish is absolutely beautiful; it dries to a beautiful satin-y finish, and it plays well with all of my under eye concealers. Did I mention that it comes with a pump? I really love that it does. The coverage of the Ultra HD foundation is pretty light but buildable to medium. I use 3 full pumps when I want to build to medium but about 2 when I’m keeping it at light coverage. Usually I prefer full coverage foundations, which was another reason why I held off picking this up, because of the lighter coverage but now that my skin is in a good place, I really don’t mind having a lighter coverage. I should also say that it is never cakey. 

I start to get oily around the 5/6 hour mark, which is very impressive, because I’m very oily. I feel like a broken record saying this always but it’s true. The longest I’ve worn it is 17 hours (which I know sounds really long but I went from work to a church function) and it lasted ALL DAY, and I only had to repowder once. I did have to blot twice or three times but that’s not shabby at all, because that’s usually how it is with all my foundations. It doesn’t settle into my smile lines, doesn’t exaggerate my pores and to cap it all off, it photographs absolutely beautifully, even in flash photography. Here’s a picture I took wearing the Ultra HD foundation. It matches me extremely well, which is so hard to get in a foundation. It’s an everyday foundation for me, because I don’t really need much coverage when I’m going to work but I could definitely see myself rocking this foundation when I’m going out, especially if I need to look snatched and there’s going to be flash photography. The Ultra HD foundation is was definitely not love at first sight but now I love it so much and would definitely recommend it and repurchase when I run out (although I don’t see that happening soon because I have so many foundations). 

Get it here: Your Treasure GH

Let me know if you’ve tried this foundation, and your experiences with it. 

Thanks for reading! 

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High End Splurge: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Should I spoil this review for you and just tell you what I think of this foundation? Too bad because you’re going to have to read till the end to find out! 😛😜

So I have been lusting after a NARS foundation for as long as I can remember, and the foundation gods must have heard my cry because this practically dropped right into my lap! *cue angels singing hurrah*


I decided to treat myself to this foundation for my birthday (25th July) and I got it on a discount so I decided, why the heck not? And y’all know this girl loves herself a discount! I introduce to you, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation (from here on referred to as ADLW)

What it is: “An oil-free foundation that delivers full, natural-looking coverage with one drop, for lightweight, 16-hour wear”



The foundation comes in 20 shades and I got it in the shade New Orleans (dark 2). The packaging is so beautiful. It comes in a frosted glass bottle and it has a pump! I love me a foundation with a pump. NARS describes this as a full coverage foundation but I would say it’s medium – buildable, because you can definitely see some of my imperfections with one layer. I haven’t tried using 2 layers, because I’m perfectly fine with the level of coverage I get in one layer.





It swatches really orange-y, which surprised me cos I was expecting more yellow tones. But you know what? IT WORKS. It matches me so seamlessly, it’s crazy. I compared it to my SuperStay in cocoa


Left; NARS right; SuperStay

See how orange they both are? SuperStay is a teeny bit darker, than the ADLW.

A lot of reviews I read online said the NARS is of a runny consistency, which is true. But I realised that if you shake it a lot more thoroughly, it isn’t as runny. The instructions on the bottle say to apply with your fingers but that’s gross and I’m really not about that life 😂. There was a time that I used to apply all my foundations with my hands but I’m growed up now 😀😀

I did test out the one pump claim, using my hands, and oh my gosh, it’s actually true. I was able to cover my whole face with one pump. But mostly I like to apply this with a beauty blender, using 2 full pumps. One for each side of my face, then use what’s left on the beauty blender on my forehead. And I should mention that the pump dispenses just a tiny bit at a time.

The foundation blends seamlessly into my skin. Literally melts into it omg. It blends so easily and so flawlessly, and I’m amazed at the level of coverage such a runny foundation has. It is indeed weightless like the name claims. I was afraid that luminous + my oily/combo skin would translate into oil slick but I’m not happy to tell you that that’s not the case! There is a slight sheen but it looks nothing like “I have too much oil on my face”  Like a lot of women of colour, my skin is not one colour all the way, so it’s a little tricky matching my foundations. My face is lighter than my chest, so I sometimes have to go a little darker in my foundations to get it to match my chest so it’s not so obvious, or not layer so much that the disparity is so obvious


Left; no foundation right; one pump of NARS ADLW

(pardon my grotty head wrap 😂😂)
It’s hard to tell that I have foundation on because the colour match is so spot on


Full face foundation

The difference between my neck and chest isn’t so obvious here, meaning this is a good match for me.


Full face done

Here I added eyeliner, did a little baking and a slick of lipstick. The foundation is natural looking and not at all cakey. I have tested the foundation in various situations, with a primer, without a primer, with a setting powder, without a setting powder, and the longevity varies with each. Without a setting powder, it lasts about 4 hours before I start getting shiny, which is big for me, considering how oily I am. With a setting powder, I can go a whole day without getting shiny, especially when I bake. But mostly I don’t wear it with a setting powder (usually cos I’m rushing out the door so I forget 😂)


I love that it stays true to colour, there is no oxidation whatsoever. However my first experience was not as plain sailing. The foundation seemed dark and it seemed to oxidize, and I was so scared I had wasted my money. But I gave it another shot and now I absolutely love it. I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. Yes that’s how much I love it! The ADLW foundation does not contain any SPF, which could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. But that means no flashback!

The foundation originally retails for $48 but I got it for $40 which is approx equivalent to 160 cedis. It’s pretty pricey but hey we’re talking about NARS here. I would recommend this foundation if you could afford it. It comes in a range of shades for pale to deep dark skin. NARS foundations aren’t readily available in Ghana but if you can find it and you can afford it, I say get it!!

If you made it to the end of this review, thank you for reading!

If you have tried this foundation, share your experiences with me!

Maybelline SuperStay

Hi guys!

Doesn’t it seem like our obsessions change at a point in time? Like I was (and still am) a die hard lipstick fanatic. Now my obsession has changed to foundations. I am obsessed with finding the right foundation. I see the word “matte” in a foundation and my heart starts to sing. Anyway back to the topic. So I finally tried the Maybelline superstay. I don’t know why it took me so long to. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it’s about to be discontinued?

As with all my foundation posts, I’m going to review this based on coverage,  finish and staying power.

For reference I have combination to oily, acne prone skin with a super oily t-zone and hyperpigmentation, so I prefer full coverage foundations.


This little guy claims to have micro – flex formula for 24hr wear. Who wears their foundation that long?! Now can we talk about how miserable the shade range for dark skin is? I got this in the shade cocoa which is the darkest in the range and it’s not even that dark! So if you’re darker than I am, sadly there’s no match for you which I think really sucks.

The claims:
• Withstands heat, sweat and humidity
• No transfer: won’t rub off
• Flexible, breathable, all day comfort
• Oil free – non pore clogging
• Suitable for all skin types


Right off of the bat I should say this this DEFINITELY transfers. I honestly don’t know why Maybelline claims it doesn’t. And I was finally looking forward to hugging my boyfriend without leaving brown stains on his shirt but sadly that wasn’t the case. Sorry boo! 😂


Maybelline claims this is a medium coverage but this is easily a full coverage foundation to me. The level of coverage in one layer is mind blowing. I don’t even need to add a second layer and I definitely do not need a concealer after. However I have noticed that it does turn a hair darker when it oxidizes, but thankfully it doesn’t make me turn orange. It does tend to look a little mask-y when you layer too much so I’d be careful about that.


It seems to be neutral but leans more yellow, and so it matches me perfectly. It makes me realise even more just how neutral my CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous is.


SuperStay cocoa, Outlast Stay Fabulous soft sable, Ready Set Gorgeous tawny


Dries to a complete matte finish which I absolutely love. It doesn’t dry too fast but definitely faster that my CoverGirl foundations. It’s also of thicker consistency than my CoverGirl foundations. However it spreads and blends easily, no matter the tool you use to blend your foundation. I did find that a sponge provides better coverage compared to my beloved expert face brush.


If there’s one this I absolutely hate about this foundation, it’s the lack of a pump. Why would you do that Maybelline? This causes major wastage, if you end up pouring more than you need.


I tried this in different situations to test the staying power, and each time I was impressed. I wore it without a setting powder, without a primer and with both a primer and a setting powder. It definitely lasts much longer with both the primer and setting powder, but thing is no matter how much I blotted, I still looked made up. I could have easily reapplied my setting powder and I would look freshly made up. Oil control was better managed when I used a setting powder. Without setting with a powder, I feel my nose get shiny by the 4 hour mark which is pretty impressive.


This is definitely a winner in my book, and I highly recommend that you try it, if you haven’t already. I am going to get backups just in case it’s really going to be discontinued! Definitely Holy Grail status to me!

Have you tried this? Share your experiences and Holy Grail foundations with me!

Beverly xx

One Brand, Two Foundations: CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous & CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous | Review and Comparisons

I’m pretty excited to do this review cos I’ve been using these foundations a lot lately and I think it’s time for me to share my thoughts and experiences with them. From here on, I’m going to refer to Ready Set Gorgeous as RSG and Outlast Stay Fabulous as OSF. Too long for me to keep typing. These companies just keep making product names longer and longer. Ok I’m deviating. Let’s go!


Left Ready Set Gorgeous, right Outlast Stay Fabulous.

I got RSG in shade 315 tawny, and OSF in shade 375 soft sable. Why not get them in the same colour? Well cos tawny is a tad lighter and soft sable is a tad darker. So I mix 2 parts tawny and one part soft sable to get a colour that’s a perfect fit for me. And why not just get the same type of foundation? Because I wanted to try both, so I got them both! Anyway as before, I’m going to review these based on coverage, finish and staying power then deliver my verdict.

Before I continue, I’ll state once again that I have combination to oily skin, with a very oily t-zone. I have no dry patches, but I have acne scarring, acne prone skin and hyperpigmentation, so i prefer full coverage foundations. Yes I have a lot of problems 😥


CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 375 Soft Sable


CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous 315 Tawny

RSG comes in a squeeze tube and OSF comes in a glass bottle with a lockable pump! ☺ They both have a weird perfume-y smell. It’s not too bad but it’s pretty unusual the first time you smell it


I would consider the coverage of RSG to be medium to full, and OSF to be light to medium. But mixed together, I get a level of coverage that is so amazing and does a fantastic job of evening out my skin tone. However on it’s own, OSF is light and I need 3 full pumps to even my skin tone, and still have to go in with a concealer after. With RSG, 2 small squeezes is what I need to cover my face. No need for a concealer. They can both be layered easily, with no cakiness of any sort. RSG wins this round


I was expecting them both to be matte, cos that’s what all the reviews I read before getting these said. However I find these are definitely NOT matte. Not in the least. I had to set with a powder because I wanted a matte finish. I did find that RSG was a little more of a demi – matte finish, in comparison to OSF, which is more of a satin finish. RSG wins yet another round.


I wasn’t very impressed with the staying power of these. I was expecting to be blown away. Probably I had super high hopes cos of all the rave reviews I had seen.  I tried them out without a powder and I found them to both last just over 4 hours before they started to fade. With a powder, it was phenomenal. No kidding. I can get 8 hour days and still look made up by the end of the day, with absolutely no touch ups, only blotting my ever-oily t-zone with a tissue. Without a powder, oil control is pretty meh but with a powder, it’s fantastic. My oil is kept at bay for ages and my nose doesn’t get shiny until the 5 hour mark, which is just great, if you know me and how shiny my nose always is. It’s a tie between OSF and RSG.

I tried applying these with my Colorbox pro big mama beauty blender and my real techniques expert face brush, and I find that the RT brush does a better job of applying, and I use less product. I do wish these were waterproof. It’s not cute leaving brown stains on my phone screen and on whatever I touch x_x


Left Ready Set Gorgeous 315 Tawny; right Outlast Stay Fabulous 375 Soft Sable



I feel like OSF has neutral undertones, and RSG has yellow tones. Since my undertones are more yellow than neutral (although I’d rather wear neutral undertones than cool ones, those make me look ashy), mixing them together gives me subtle yellow that’s not too over the top.


I love both of these foundations and yes, I highly recommend them. The finish is very natural and it lasts and lasts, fading evenly. A definite repurchase, it’s worth every cent! These deserve Holy Grail status! Now if only I could find my perfect colour…

Whew! This has been a REALLY long review! Have you tried these? What is your favourite foundation?

Beverly xx

Haulin’ It: Makeup Ghana Connects Booty

I am officially on a no-buy. And I mean it this time. Every time I impose a no buy on myself, I cave and get myself new stuff. I need help 😿

On Good Friday, I decided to get a few things that I’ve needed for a while (note: this was before I came up with the no-buy) so off I went to the Makeup Ghana Connects Good Friday sales. And these came home with me


Elf matte lip colour in rich red
CoverGirl ready set gorgeous foundation in 315 tawny
LA Girl pro HD setting powder
LA Girl pro conceal in fawn, mahogany and an orange corrector
Colorbox cosmetics pro big mama beauty blender
Colorbox cosmetics Ohemaa strip lashes
Colorbox cosmetics pro eyelash applicator
CoverGirl outlast stay fabulous foundation in 375 soft sable
Colorbox cosmetics pro beauty blender mini me

Whew! I must have typed the word “pro” about a million times!

Now you see why I’m on a no buy?! Most of these, I’ve wanted for ages so I’m happy I got them now, especially on sale. Who doesn’t like to save a little money? Of course, I’m going to review these individually and give you my thoughts on them so look forward to them!

Any of these that you’ve tried?

Beverly xx

Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation Review

I got this foundation after a friend did, and it made her look flawless. Technically it isn’t mine, it’s my mum’s but you know 😉


It’s a medium coverage foundation, and I got it in the shade Bronze 600, which was a good enough match for both me and my mum. We’re about the same colouring.

It’s supposed to be for normal to oily skin but this foundation did not work for me at all. Before I proceed, I should state that I have normal to combination skin, with a super duper oily t-zone. My chin breaks out in perspiration minutes after I apply my makeup, and my nose gets shiny easily too. I don’t have any dry patches but I have acne scarring, and acne prone skin and so what I look for in a foundation are: coverage, finish and staying power. So I’m going to review this based on these three criteria.


This is a medium coverage foundation, and so of course it’s not going to cover all my acne scars, but it evened my skin well enough. I did have to go in later with a concealer, but I didn’t mind doing that. However I realised that after using a powder, my face looked green. I have no idea why. I tried applying just the foundation and I didn’t notice that green tinge as much, so I guess I’ll have to attribute it to the powder. It’s impossible to layer, because it tends to look cakey when I do, which is not a pretty sight. 3/5



Top swatched; bottom blended


So as this is meant for normal to oily skin, I expected it to have a matte or at  least a semi-matte finish. But I found it to be straight up oily and a powder is definitely needed to set this, else it runs and gets everywhere. I tried a trick I saw on YouTube (can’t remember the exact vlogger) and blotted the excess with a tissue before using a powder, and that helped a bit. 2/5


Contains 29ml of product.


Staying power of this foundation sucks. Oh my gosh, you have no idea just how much. It transfers like crazy and gets absolutely everywhere. Hasn’t Mary Kay heard about waterproof foundations? After barely 10 minutes of use, I feel perspiration on my chin, and my nose gets oily by an hour of wear. It might be that I live in an extremely hot country, but then again I used it when it rained and my nose got oily within 2 hours of wear. I have to blot and reapply powder so many times during the day, it’s exasperating. Ugh. 2/5

OVERALL: 7/15 don’t waste your time with this


This foundation is just not worth getting. Unless you have dry skin and are looking for a normal skin-like foundation, else if you’re as oily as I am, stay as far away from this as possible. It does nothing for oil control, although it explicitly states that on the tube.

I am definitely not repurchasing this. I’m better off investing in a waterproof, long-wearing foundation, and this is definitely not it.

What is your favourite foundation? Any recommendations for oily skin? Let me know!

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx