Product Review: Milani Nail Lacquer and Top Coat and NOTD

I’m taking a break from reviewing my lipstick collection to review a nail polish I recently got. I picked up the Milani NY Apple Red nail lacquer and the Milani Nail Treatment top coat over the weekend and I tried it immediately.


Milani NY Apple Red is a creamy, blood-red that is almost completely opaque in one coat. On me, it’s very dark, almost oxblood. This is one of the few times I’ve bought and loved red nail polish, because I’m usually into purples and greys and (lately) nudes.

This is not my first Milani nail polish. I’m the proud owner of Milani nail polish Texture in all the shades except red (review coming soon) so I was definitely excited to try this one out.

Application was a breeze. The brush of the nail polish is on the small side so it made applying a little difficult but the polish was so creamy and spread so easily that I made very little mistakes and there was barely any residue on my fingers (yay me).

I didn’t use any base coat prior to application because these nails aren’t mine (I paid for them so technically they are, but you know what I mean) so I didn’t have to worry about staining and such.

The top coat, on the other hand, I didn’t get. I waited a good time before using it, ensuring that the nail polish was completely dry, yet it pulled some of the nail polish off of my nail so now it’s turned pinkish. That I didn’t like.


See what I mean? It was completely clear before I used it. But aside from that, it was so easy and I found that they both dried very fast, not as fast as Milani’s High Speed Fast Dry nail polish but as fast as a nail polish can get. That’s definitely a big plus.

Since the top coat is supposed to be some sort of nail treatment, or at least that’s what it says on the bottle, I’ll try that out when I finally use it on my natural nails.

My natural nails are very soft and so chip easily so if I notice any difference while using this top coat, that’s definitely a plus for Milani.


This is two coats of NY Apple Red. It could pass as a one coater, I just did 2 because I’m used it to. I should add that the top coat made my nails look all shiny and almost professional looking, which is good, even my right hand !

I can’t tell you yet how long they last because nail polish last longer on acrylic nails than they do on natural nails but I’ll update you as soon as I find that out.

This is definitely a nail polish worth getting. It’ll look good on everybody and is suitable for day wear, since it’s not so bright.

I rate this 5 yays. I’d give it more yays if I could but 5 is the maximum.


Day  3 of wearing NY Apple Red. Considering how often I change my nail colours, this has impressed me so much that it’s going nowhere yet.

It was love at first stroke 😍💅

Tata lovelies ! xx

Beverly xx


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