Wedding preparations ! — and a new mani

So my cousin is getting hitched tomorrow and I’m super excited. I was definitely surprised when I heard but hey, I love a good wedding just as much as everyone. It’s been crazy trying to get something to wear and all, and I’m not even halfway prepared.

As part of my preparations, I decided to get my nails done. I’ve always loved getting a new mani. But I took a break for a while cos I felt like I was hurting my nails from the prolonged exposure to chemicals. And when better to make a comeback than for a occasion such as this? 😀

I must have admit, I’m extremely picky when it comes to my nails. Picky about where I do it, how it’s going to turn out and all. So I went to a place my aunt recommended. I trust her judgement, but I was still apprehensive about it because I’d never done my nails there and I’ve got very hard to work with nails.

During the process, it looked promising. At the end, I was blown away. I asked for stiletto nails and she totally out did herself. Like, I have been staring at my nails for forever. I can’t even believe they’re on my hands, that’s how beautiful they are.

Not one for light colours, I decided to try a nude. I’m usually into vampy and out – there colours but I thought why not change things up a bit? She painted my nails a lilac-y brownish shade that I can’t even describe.

I love it. Like a lot. Okay so damn much. My new manicurist is the bomb ! And these new nails are definitely the stars of the show.


This picture doesn’t even capture just how dope they actually are. My mum who is so anti – nails is even considering getting hers done too !

More updates on the wedding coming soon !

As always, all comments are appreciated 😀


Beverly xx


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