TUTORIAL : How to rock a nude lip

I’m super excited cos this is my first tutorial post. I’m going to do a quick post of how to wear a nude lip. I know a lot of people have a problem finding the perfect nude to fit their skin tone, so consider me your nude – lip angel here to save the day.

Depending on your skin tone and your skin’s undertones, a brown – nude or pink – nude would look good. Or neutral nudes to fit every kind of skin.

Generally, I’m not a fan of nudes. Maybe it’s cos I haven’t found one that compliments my skin and won’t make me look like an extra from Twilight, but I tried out the Black Radiance Dynamic Duo in nude and I think I’ve found my go – to nude.

The Dynamic Duo consists of a lip balm and a lip gloss on opposite ends (duh) and while I’m also generally not a fan of lip glosses or balms, this is proving to be a force to reckon with.

Before this, the only nude lipstick I had tried as the Jordana Matte Natural and I did not like it at all. It applies patchy, and looks super ugly when it’s wearing off. And it washes me out so much. I have to pat it with my lips to get it to work, too high maintenance for me, especially when I’m trying to hurry out of the door


Funny enough, it actually looks good in the picture. To get this to work, I usually pair it with my Sleek Currant lip liner to create a nice ombre effect. But I don’t use it so often because it’s way to much work. Now my discovery…

Black Radiance’s claims: Lavish lips with luxurious color and pampering care with Dynamic Duo™ Lip Balm & Gloss. The dual-end lip case features a highly pigmented lip balm, formulated with botanical extracts to help moisturize and condition lips. The high coverage lip gloss is enriched with vitamins C & E to soften lips with anti-oxidant protection. This multi-benefit lip duo gives you luscious lip service with a hint of delicious berry flavor.

I don’t know about the flavor, but it does smell pretty nice. It’s not my bag anyway. I’m not doing a review so that’s not important right now.

My bare lips:


No products whatsoever. I don’t have pigmented lips, except for the center of my lips.

Now wearing Black Radiance lip balm:


It looks like a better version of my lips. It’s sheer enough that my natural lip colour peeks through, not pigmented enough to hide them 

Now wearing the balm:


This is pigmented enough to cover my dark lips.

To prevent nude lip products from washing you out, you can play up your eyes with a nice smoky eye or vibrant eye makeup. Here I’m only wearing some winged eyeliner because I’m going to work. No need to show up looking like a poulet.

In summary, I think I’ve found a nude that actually looking good. It’s not the perfect MLBB but it’ll do til I find one. I’ve got my eye on Mac’s Kinda Sexy and I’m hoping that turns out to be it.

In summary, things to remember when using a nude lipstick:
• a lip liner can make or break your lipstick
• lipsticks look different of different people depending on how pigmented your lips are
• play up your eyes with a bold eye-shadow or some falsies to balance out your face

Ok my work here is done !

Beverly xx


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