Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation Review

I got this foundation after a friend did, and it made her look flawless. Technically it isn’t mine, it’s my mum’s but you know 😉


It’s a medium coverage foundation, and I got it in the shade Bronze 600, which was a good enough match for both me and my mum. We’re about the same colouring.

It’s supposed to be for normal to oily skin but this foundation did not work for me at all. Before I proceed, I should state that I have normal to combination skin, with a super duper oily t-zone. My chin breaks out in perspiration minutes after I apply my makeup, and my nose gets shiny easily too. I don’t have any dry patches but I have acne scarring, and acne prone skin and so what I look for in a foundation are: coverage, finish and staying power. So I’m going to review this based on these three criteria.


This is a medium coverage foundation, and so of course it’s not going to cover all my acne scars, but it evened my skin well enough. I did have to go in later with a concealer, but I didn’t mind doing that. However I realised that after using a powder, my face looked green. I have no idea why. I tried applying just the foundation and I didn’t notice that green tinge as much, so I guess I’ll have to attribute it to the powder. It’s impossible to layer, because it tends to look cakey when I do, which is not a pretty sight. 3/5



Top swatched; bottom blended


So as this is meant for normal to oily skin, I expected it to have a matte or at  least a semi-matte finish. But I found it to be straight up oily and a powder is definitely needed to set this, else it runs and gets everywhere. I tried a trick I saw on YouTube (can’t remember the exact vlogger) and blotted the excess with a tissue before using a powder, and that helped a bit. 2/5


Contains 29ml of product.


Staying power of this foundation sucks. Oh my gosh, you have no idea just how much. It transfers like crazy and gets absolutely everywhere. Hasn’t Mary Kay heard about waterproof foundations? After barely 10 minutes of use, I feel perspiration on my chin, and my nose gets oily by an hour of wear. It might be that I live in an extremely hot country, but then again I used it when it rained and my nose got oily within 2 hours of wear. I have to blot and reapply powder so many times during the day, it’s exasperating. Ugh. 2/5

OVERALL: 7/15 don’t waste your time with this


This foundation is just not worth getting. Unless you have dry skin and are looking for a normal skin-like foundation, else if you’re as oily as I am, stay as far away from this as possible. It does nothing for oil control, although it explicitly states that on the tube.

I am definitely not repurchasing this. I’m better off investing in a waterproof, long-wearing foundation, and this is definitely not it.

What is your favourite foundation? Any recommendations for oily skin? Let me know!

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


FOTD: Warm Smokey Eye and Berry Lips

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to post this cos I did this look ages ago! (and posted on my Instagram) I am getting way way better at this makeup things (tehee) albeit I’m not perfect, but I see a vast improvement from when I first started out.

This is a look I did when I was going to my new nephew’s naming ceremony. I look for an excuse to get all gussied up lately!



Face: LA Girl pro concealer in beautiful bronze
Mary Kay medium coverage foundation in bronze 600
Random nameless face powder

Eyes: elf little black beauty book warm edition
LA girl gel eyeliner
Random brown pencil

Lips: Milani Sangria lipstick

I think I should post more fotds! If I can find time to get around to it that is!

Beverly xx

The Quest for the Perfect Red Lipstick

I’m continuing with my posts on the search for the perfect lipstick shades. Today it’s the turn of the reds. Meet the contestants…


Left to right:
• L’Oreal Colour Riche in Liya’s Red (reviewed here)
• Milani HD Advanced Lip Colour in Lovely Rouge (review here)
• Black Radiance Eldorado Red (reviewed here)
• Mary Kay Really Red
• Jordana Modern Matte lipstick in Style
• Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturising Balm in Rock n Rouge

I haven’t reviewed the Mary Kay, Jordana Modern Matte and Rock n Rouge yet but I’ll do so pretty soon.

On to the swatches:


Top to bottom: Liya’s red, lovely rouge, eldorado red, really red, style and rock n rouge.

For a lipstick called “Really Red”, Mary Kay is straight up orange. Really Mary Kay, does that look anything like red to you?!? I better save this rant for the actual review.

Liya’s Red is supposed to have pinky undertones but that looks more orange than pink to me. It’s no wonder it gets no love from me. If you don’t already know, it’s because I am not a fan of orange – reds.

Technically Rock n Rouge and Lovely Rouge are not lipsticks, but I included it here so folks that are interested in trying a red lip but are hesitant to go all out bold can check those out instead.

It’s pretty hard to find a red lipstick that is just what it’s supposed to be — red. Not orange red, pinky red, just straight up red. I think I probably found that in Eldorado red. It’s an ideal, black girl – friendly red lipstick.

What’s your favourite red lipstick? Any recommendations?

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx