Black Radiance Plum Orchid review — and a bad hair day :/

I’m back again with yet another review from my collection. I’m trying to wear one lipstick a day so I can speed up the reviews and move on to other things.

So today I’m here with a review of Black Radiance Plum Orchid.

Product Description: Perfect Tone™ Lip Color provides lasting full coverage and sufficient shine in one. This beautiful collection of lip colors is designed to complement a vast array of skin tones. Plus, its deep moisturizing color lasts for hours.

For those who care, Black Radiance products are gluten free and cruelty free.

Plum orchid was the first Black Radiance lipstick I bought. I walked into a shop and I spotted it, loved how intense the shade was and I just bought it. Without even thinking, without reading any reviews. It was a gamble that definitely paid off, because I went back and picked up Eldorado Red. Like Eldorado Red, Plum Orchid is super pigmented, super lightweight and extremely long wearing. I get 6-7 hours of wear (probably even more) with a very deep purple stain after a heavy meal. And that stain is so annoying to get off. Trust me, I’ve tried. But that shows just how pigmented it is.


That’s just one swatch of Plum Orchid. It’s a pretty good dupe for Mac Heroine, except Heroine is matte, but an almost dead on dupe for Mac Violetta, which I really really wanted and didn’t get. But Plum Orchid is way cheaper so hey, I don’t mind anymore.

It’s a shade that’s extremely versatile, and would work with every skin tone. It’s usually a battle between this and Eldorado Red in the mornings when I’m getting dressed ! So much so that I haven’t worn a lot of my other lipsticks in so long.

There’s no discernible smell (side eye to you Revlon Color Riche) which I think is great cos some of these lipsticks smell so lipstick-y


This is definitely one abused lipstick. I am definitely going to get backups, before the store runs out.

Do I recommend Plum Orchid? Hells yeah ! Especially for the black beauties like us who have a problem finding purple lipsticks that flatter our skin tones. 

It comes in a pretty tacky (in my opinion) tube with a clear cover, which helps you to see the colour. Which is the only good thing about the packaging.

Another thing which is not so great is that the name is written on the shrink wrap around the tube so once you throw that away, there’s only a number at the bottom. But there’s definitely no way you’re going to forget the name of this baby !

As always, a full face shot of me wearing Black Radiance Plum Orchid. Two, these time ! Because I took both and couldn’t decide which one I liked most. 

My hair is in pretty bad shape right now, the worst I’ve ever experienced 😦 so pardon me for the state of it in the pictures



Pros of Black Radiance Plum Orchid:
Everything !

And as with Eldorado Red, the only con is the lame packaging.

Net wt: 0.13oz/13.6g

All pictures taken without flash to show true colour of lipstick. No edits either.

Please leave me a comment and tell me how you found my review. Until next time!

Beverly xx


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