Haulin’ It: Makeup Ghana Connects Booty

I am officially on a no-buy. And I mean it this time. Every time I impose a no buy on myself, I cave and get myself new stuff. I need help 😿

On Good Friday, I decided to get a few things that I’ve needed for a while (note: this was before I came up with the no-buy) so off I went to the Makeup Ghana Connects Good Friday sales. And these came home with me


Elf matte lip colour in rich red
CoverGirl ready set gorgeous foundation in 315 tawny
LA Girl pro HD setting powder
LA Girl pro conceal in fawn, mahogany and an orange corrector
Colorbox cosmetics pro big mama beauty blender
Colorbox cosmetics Ohemaa strip lashes
Colorbox cosmetics pro eyelash applicator
CoverGirl outlast stay fabulous foundation in 375 soft sable
Colorbox cosmetics pro beauty blender mini me

Whew! I must have typed the word “pro” about a million times!

Now you see why I’m on a no buy?! Most of these, I’ve wanted for ages so I’m happy I got them now, especially on sale. Who doesn’t like to save a little money? Of course, I’m going to review these individually and give you my thoughts on them so look forward to them!

Any of these that you’ve tried?

Beverly xx