Morphe Bronzed Mocha Palette | Review, Thoughts, Swatches

Hi guys! So this review should have gone up ages ago but here it finally is! If you read the first part of this review where I talked about the Morphe Copper Spice palette then you know that I wasn’t very impressed with the pigmentation (or lack of) of that palette.

Let’s find out what I think of the 25B Bronzed Mocha palette.

Just like the Copper Spice palette, the Bronzed Mocha palette is a neutral palette palette with pops of colour thrown into the mix. However unlike the Copper Spice palette that has a row of very beautiful foiled shades, the metallic shades in this palette swatch and apply very pitifully. Like the other palette, the Bronzed Mocha palette isn’t very pigmented, with the one saving grace being a very beautiful dark cranberry colour. I find that I have to go in several times to build up the colour but once I do, it’s such a beautiful colour.

Now let’s get into some swatches:

first row

Second row

Third row

Fourth row

Last row

Just like the Copper Spice palette I reviewed previously, I had to dig into the pans to get any sort of colour to show up. My favourite way to use the two palettes is to pop foiled shades from the Copper Spice palette on my lid and to smoke it out the cranberry shade (second from the top; last row) and deepen my outer corner the black shade (also from the Copper Spice palette) for some added drama.

I will have some looks that I created with tge two palettes up on my instagram (are you following me there? If you aren’t you totally should. It’s bisfor_beverly)

Final thoughts: Overall both palettes are a miss to me. There are too many dud shades and the palettes aren’t very pigmented. The shadows are dry and chalky and I’m pretty disappointed and definitely won’t be repurchasing these two palettes. I however am open to trying other Morphe palettes especially the uber popular 35O palette.

Thanks for staying with me through both reviews.

Where to get this in Ghana: Rouge Cosmetics

Share your thoughts on this palette if you’ve tried it and on Morphe as a brand.

Thanks for reading! xx

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2 thoughts on “Morphe Bronzed Mocha Palette | Review, Thoughts, Swatches

    • Wow how did I not see this? Yeah definitely skip these but I hear the regular palettes are of better quality so you should splurge on those instead. These smaller ones however are a dud, unfortunately.

      Thanks for reading! xx

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