Keep Your Brows in Place with NYX Tame and Frame 

Hi guys! I reviewed the NYX micro brow pencil which I absolutely love; along with it I picked up the NYX Tame and Frame, because I’ve always wanted to try a brow pomade after my disastrous experience with the Kleancolor brow pomade. This is going to be a quick review. I’m a sucker for packaging, and I quite like this one. It’s plastic but is frosted so it gives it a glassy look. I picked it up in the shade espresso, just like with the micro brow, which is the next to last shade, not the last like I originally said. The product looks almost black in the tub but it’s a very dark brown. The swatch is very dark so is pretty scary, but it doesn’t translate to your brows. You can either build dramatic brows with it or a very natural brow, depending on what you want.Top: NYX Micro Brow Espresso.                     Bottom: NYX Tame and Frame Espresso 

The brow pomade is much darker than the pencil in the matching shade. Once this sets, it SETS. It’s not going anywhere, no matter how much I rub my brows, and I love that about it. 

My favourite way to use the Tame and Frame is to use it together with the Micro Brow pencil. I use the micro brow to give my brows definition then fill it in with the tame and frame. The combination is does not budge at all. 

I don’t have it anymore because I sold it in a recent blog sale I had but I really like this brow pomade. 

Thanks for reading xx 

if you have tried this, share your experiences with me! 


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