Rave Review- Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Hi guys, happy new month! Can you believe just how fast this year is going? Blink and we’re already already 6 months in. I haven’t posted regularly lately but I’m going to try to be more consistent. So anyway let’s dive right into this post. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known as the brow and highlighter queen and she also makes bomb eyeshadows, most of which are sadly limited edition. When the brand released the modern renaissance palette, and it was permanent, I just knew I had to have it.  Packaging

Personally I’m not a fan of the velvety packaging because I know that no matter how careful I am, I’m definitely going to get it dirty eventually and I’m really not looking forward to that. However it does have a premium feel to it, and it looks quite luxurious. Inside the palette there are 14 eyeshadows, 11 mattes and 3  metallic/ shimmer shades. 

I absolutely love the colours in this palette. They are definitely right up my alley. There is a mix of neutral tones and some reds, berries and orange shades thrown into the mix. The possibilities are endless with this palette, you can create full on glam looks with it or subtle, everyday look.  

The palette is inspired by the renaissance era, hence the less than usual names. 

Brand description: An essential eyeshadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills’ first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening. 

The palette comes with a double ended brush, a packing brush on one side and a blending brush on the other 

The palette comes with a nice sized mirror which is good for use on the go. The shades in the palette are listed down below:

Finger swatches

° Tempera is described as a velvety beige with an ultra matte finish

° Golden ochre as an earthy yellow with an ultra matte finish 

° Vermeer as an iridescent shell with a metallic finish

° Buon Fresco is described as an antique lavender with an ultra matte finish

° Antique Bronze is described as a metallic sable with a satin finish

° Love Letter as a raspberry with an ultra matte finish 

° Cypress Umber as a dark coffee with an ultra matte finish 

Brush swatches

Second row: 

° Raw Sienna is described as a neutral amber with an ultra matte finish 

° Burnt Orange as a deep orange with an ultra matte finish 

° Primavera as shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish 

° Red Ochre as sienna with an ultra matte finish

° Venetian Red as crimson with an ultra matte finish

° Warm Taupe is described as an earthy gray with an ultra matte finish 

° Realgar as brick with an ultra matte finish (this looks more burnt orange to me than the shade “Burnt Orange”)

The eyeshadows are very pigmented, even the light ones and pick up very well from the pan. I couldn’t get Antique Bronze to show up on my skin when I swatched with a brush but it’s still pigmented nonetheless, and Raw Sienna is pretty close to the skin of my inner arm, making it a perfect transition shade. 

All the shadows apply and blend so easily; they basically do the work for you because of how easy they blend. They are all buttery soft, especially for a palette that contains mostly mattes. I’ve tried it with both a base and without a base, and each time it performs so well. It lasts foreverrrrr without fading. I get at least 12 hours of wear without fading and creasing, until I take off my makeup. 

This palette is definitely worth the hype, because it is AH-MAZINGGGG. My least favorite shade is Warm Taupe. I don’t see myself getting much use out of them except to probably set my eyeshadow primer. My favourite shades are Love Letter, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Realgar and Primavera. If I had to choose only one, it’ll definitely be Primavera. I love love love that shade. It’s shimmer but not gritty or textured in the least. 

I am definitely impressed with this eyeshadow palette, it is what I expected and more. My only gripe about it is that there is no black shade but Cypress Umber is a really dark brown and that sort of makes up for it. 

So do I recommend this palette? Abso – freaking – lutely! It’s pretty pricey but definitely worth ever penny. If you’ve been considering picking up this palette, I say get it! 

Have you tried this palette? Share your experiences with me. 

Thanks for reading xx

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