ColourPop Hutch x Notion Swatches & Mini Review

ColourPop is definitely not something new. I’ve previously reviewed their ultra matte lips and highlighter (check it out here and here if you missed it) so this is going to be a quick review. Since breaking the internet when they released their ultra matte lips, they’ve had other releases, including their ultra satin lips. Weirdly enough I’ve never tried the satin lips til now. I recently picked up one of their fall releases and one ultra satin lip. L- ultra satin in Hutch                                   R- ultra matte in NotionL- Hutch                                                             R- Notion 

I’m pretty sure ColourPop reformulated their ultra mattes because this definitely feels a lot different from the ones I have previously. It’s extremely lightweight and very comfortable on the lips. It dries down pretty fast, and it’s not in the least bit drying. It lasts much longer than it used to, too. I’ve worn Notion longer than 12 hours, with the lipstick only fading a little from the middle of my lips. Transfer is minimal, too. All in all, I have to say that I absolutely love the new formulation. 

Hutch, unlike Notion does not completely dry down which is to be expected of a satin lipstick. It transfers but nothing crazy. After the end of my day, I still have a lot of the lipstick left. I don’t find Hutch to be as lightweight as Notion is which surprises me because I expected a satin to be more comfortable than a matte.  

Both colours are very pigmented, and I can cover my lips in one swipe. Notion reminds me of Lena Lashes more matte than matte in the shade Lucious (which is my absolute favourite lipstick everrrrrrrr) Lucious is about half a shade darker, but they’re very similar. My favourite of the two shades I got is Notion. I like Hutch too but I’m not exactly crazy about the formula of the satin lips. I don’t know if that formula is consistent throughout but I’m not crazy about the formula on Hutch. Notion is such a beautiful colour and I love love it. 

If you’ve tried any of ColourPop’s ultra matte or ultra satin lipsticks, let me know how you got on with it!

Thanks for reading xx

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