How To Conceal Deep Set Eyes (And Brighten Your Eyes While You’re At It!)

Hi people! Today I want to do a post of something that a lot of people have a problem with, and that is deep set eyes. I inherited mine from my dad and I hate them so much, because they make me look like I didn’t have enough sleep. I’m going to help you go from haven’t-had-enough-sleep to deep-set-eyes-who? 

Thankfully mine aren’t as deep set as some others I’ve seen, but foundation alone is not enough to cover them up. I’ve come up with a way to disguise them and I realised that my eyes looked brighter and more awake when I did that, which is definitely a really nice perk! So now I do that every single day, especially on days when I really do not get enough sleep, and I can definitely see a difference on the days that I don’t. Here I’m wearing just foundation, and you can see my under eye bags and deep set eyes. But like I said earlier, mine aren’t as deep as some others’ are, but I definitely know they are there. The foundation has good coverage on its own but it’s definitely not enough to cover up my bags. 

It’s a form of highlighting, except that in this case you should use a concealer that’s only a shade lighter than your skin tone. I personally like to mix two of the LA girl concealers in the shades fawn and beautiful bronze. Beautiful bronze is my exact shade and fawn is about 2-3 shades lighter so mixing them together gives me a very pretty, toned down shade. I’ve mixed the two concealer shades mentioned under my left eye (your right) and I like to use the ring finger on my right hand to tap the concealer and push it into my skin, as opposed to using a beauty blender or brush. This provides more coverage and helps to conceal my under eye bags a lot better, but you can definitely use a brush or beauty blender if you want, I just prefer to use my finger.Now when everything is nice and blended into the skin — make sure there are no harsh lines!– we set the concealer to prevent it from creasing. You can clearly see the difference between my two eyes. My left under eye (your right) looks smooth and you can’t see any of the deep set and my bags, and that eye looks brighter too. I recently picked up the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder which I’ll take about in a separate post and that’s that I use to set my concealer. No I don’t bake it, I just let it sit for a few seconds on my face, then I brush off the excess. Now I’ll repeat the same step for my right eye (your left).  All done. What deep set eyes? 

I do this routine everyday and it doesn’t take me very long to do that. I’ll be doing a review on the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder pretty soon so look out for that. 

I hope this review has been helpful! If you have another way to conceal your deep set eyes, share it with me. Thanks for reading 



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