Lena Cosmetics More Matte than Matte Review, Comparison

Hi guys! Liquid to matte lipsticks are all the rage lately, and I’ve certainly amassed my fair share of them. I came across this indie brand that is owned by a YouTuber, Marlene Aymone. The lipsticks looked so good and I just had to have some. 

Typically the lipsticks are $17 but they were marked down to $5 for the longest time for the brand to reformulate their lipsticks. I copped two in the old formula a while ago that I never got round to reviewing and now I have 3 more in the new formula so I thought I’d pit the two different formulations against each other(I’ve had the older batch for a while hence the state of the box, sorry!) Aside from the formula, they also updated their packaging. The previous packaging was white with gold stripes on the side while the new packaging is blue with gold stripes, both with Lena Cosmetics and More Matte than Matte printed on the side. The packaging of the lipstick itself was updated too. The older ones came in a clear tube with a gold cap, the new ones in a frosted tube with a navy cover. The older ones have Lena Cosmetics written on the bottom in gold while the new packaging has LL on the cap. I’m torn between which of the two I like better. I do like the gold cap but on the other hand I like the contrast between the gold, navy blue and the frosted tube. All the tubes have the shade name printed on a flimsy piece of plastic stuck to the bottom. 

Now let’s get to the reason why we’re here- the formula. The older formula was patchy, and wasn’t exactly the lightest feeling. You definitely know it’s there when you’re wearing it. This new one, however, is very lightweight and is full coverage in one swipe. The older formula crumbles after about 3 hours even without eating or drinking, and starts to feel very heavy. To reapply you’ll have to take off the old one completely then apply a new layer. If you apply a new layer over the old one, it looks gross and feels very uncomfortable. The new one lasts much longer and can even survive a small meal without fading. However after 6 hours or so, it starts to wear off which is pretty impressive. 

The first batch of colours I picked up were Jason: a dark red, almost scarlet and Tom: a deep blue – red. 

The second batch I picked up were Dante: a dark red; Rob: a grey purple, everything I imagine ColourPop Kapow would look like and Lucious: a dark pinky purple -y red, pretty similar to Jason when swatched but different when applied. Both formulas apply opaque in one swipe, but Jason is a little patchy. However I wouldn’t recommend you layer it because it starts to feel heavy and flakes. It’s best to apply one part of your lip with one swipe and other lip with a fresh coat. 

Both formulas dry down quick but I find that the old formula transfers even after its dried down, while the new formula does not. I also like that they are named after males. It’s a pretty refreshing change. Both tubes come with flat applicators. I always felt like the applicator on the old formula was too long and it was as if they heard my complaints because the newer applicator is a tad bit shorter which I definitely appreciate. The newer applicator is also bendy, making it easier to adhere to the contours of your lips. 

My one pet peeve is that the shade names are not printed on the box. You’d have to open it up to look for the name on the bottom of the product itself which is pretty annoying, if you have more than one shade, like me. 

My absolute favourite is Rob. I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got, and Lucious is a close second. I also really like Jason. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Share your thoughts with me and let me know if you’ve tried anything from this brand. 

Thanks for reading xx 


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