Introduction to Coloured Raine: One Lip Lacquer, One Lip Paint

Happy new month everyone! Wow can you believe just how fast the year is moving? Very soon it’ll be Christmas then 2016 will be much less gone 😱 

Today I have a review of two Coloured Raine lip products that I mentioned in my haul post Left: Coloured Raine lip lacquer in the shade mysterious; Coloured Raine matte lip paint in the shade Brick house. 

I’ve been wanting to try Coloured Raine for a while but for an indie brand, it’s pretty expensive at $17. Til my friend dangled a deal in front of my I could not refuse. My two products come in two different packaging but I think it’s pretty cute. It’s a transparent tube with a pink cap. Coloured Raine is embossed on the lip lacquer in black and on the lip paint in red, and also on the cap. 

Brick house is described on the Coloured Raine site as: a red based brown liquid lip paint that dries matte leaving your lips vibrant for hours. Won’t budge a bit unless oil based product is used for removal. 

Mysterious is described as: a fragrance – free, non sticky, opaque lip gloss that envelopes your lips with luxury. 

First of all I do not agree with the description of brick house. This is how it’s supposed to look according to the model used on the site: 

However it looks nothing like this.I absolutely love mysterious. It’s such a beautiful colour and for a gloss, it’s pretty pigmented. It’s kind of like a cross between a lipstick and a lip gloss. It’s not completely opaque in one swipe, but I add a second layer and it works out fine. It’s a beautiful dark purple that would look nice on every skin tone. My one gripe about this is that it refuses to stick to the center of my lip. No matter  how many or how little I apply, it just doesn’t stick. This is always how it ends up looking like. But I still love the colour nonetheless because it’s so beautiful and for a gloss it lasts so long. I love that it’s not sticky but if you press your lips together, the colour will lift from one lip to the other, but I’m guessing that’s to be expected from a lip gloss. 

Top: mysterious; bottom: brick house. 

Now you see what I said about brick house? This looks nothing like the picture or the description on the site. It’s more of a burnt orangey, terracotta than a red based brown and as you can see it looks nothing like it does on the model. It’s still a beautiful colour but it’s not a colour that I would typically wear. I’ve worn it once and I found that I needed to use a lip liner with it to make it more toned down and wearable for me. It lasts pretty long and is lightweight. I noticed fading around the 6 hour mark which is pretty impressive wear time. Mysterious however is not as fussy. I throw it on and go about my way and several hours later there’s still a bit of colour left. I reapply if needed but I usually don’t see the need to. 

In conclusion I will say that I am impressed with both of these. I will not get much use out of brick house but it’s still a very beautiful colour, if that’s your cup of tea but it’s pretty obvious that mu absolutely favourite is mysterious. O definitely recommend that you get this and I will definitely be checking out more Coloured Raine products. 

I got this from my friend Zuzu’s web on Instagram for 50 cedis each. 

Have you tried any of these colours or any Coloured Raine products? Share your thoughts with me!


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