Testing Out the BECCA Ever Matte Foundation

So after trying out the BECCA Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and loving it, I was eager to try the Ever Matte foundation because everyone on YouTube was speaking so highly of it and all I saw were good reviews. First of all trying to match myself was incredibly hard because based off the swatches, all the shades seemed pretty similar, except for Cacao, and there were no shade descriptions on the site either. So I used the foundation finder, and they really need to do something about it because in my opinion, it’s so inaccurate 

It requires you to choose the shade closest to your skin tone and I chose Dark Golden. Then from there you are required to choose if your skin tone is lighter, the same or slightly darker than the model used. I think it would have been very helpful if BECCA had stated exactly what foundation the model was wearing. So I chose lighter than the model used, because I’m not as deep as she is, and the foundation finder matches me to Amber which I know would be so light for me because based off swatches and reviews I’d seen, it looks to be an NC45 ish shade. So I go back and select the same (meaning the same skin tone as the model) and I’m matched to Tobacco, which also looks like it’ll be too light. I go back for the third time and select slightly darker, and get matched to Sienna. So then I order Sienna. I email them using the Speak to a Stylist function and upload a picture and am once again matched to Tobacco. Yes that’s how bad i wanted a good match. But then I watch the Socialite Life’s review and she used this in the shade Sandalwood, which was a little too dark for her, so I think okay Sandalwood should be good for me since I’m a little darker than Sande. So I go and change my order from Sienna. I think I should have stuck with Sienna.

The foundation comes in a squeeze tube not unlike the Ever Matte primer, which s clear panel to show the foundation colour. However it’s frosted so it doesn’t give an exact representation of the colour inside so don’t let that fool you. There’s also a sticker on it with the foundation shade printed on it. 

What it is: This exceptional, creamy medium coverage foundation controls excess oil and shine, while perfecting the skin and creating a smooth, natural finish. Unlike most mattifying foundations, which leave the skin flat and dull, this unique formula features micro fine powder particles that absorbs excess oil so your complexion remains shine-free all day long. Created for combination to oily skin, this foundation minimized the appearance of pores and fine lines, creating a beautiful soft-focused effect. Shake before use  

Let me tell you, it’s incredibly difficult to shake a tube. I don’t know how BECCA expected us to do but it’s practically impossible. So like I mentioned, the shade that I got is Sandalwood. I think they added a few new shades to their line of foundations and Sandalwood was one of them. First time I tried it, I was so impressed with how much it matched my skin. It was so accurate I couldn’t even tell where I had applied the foundation and where I hadn’t. So I did a full face and went about my way. You know all the noise that is made about undertones and how important they are? Well that’s very true because this foundation would have been absolutely perfect for me if it had a more yellow/golden base. I find that it leans more neutral to cool, so it looks grey on me. It’s very subtle and you won’t notice until I point it out, but I can see it. And someone who knows their makeup can, too, so I have to find a way to bring back life into my face because the ashiness of the foundation can cause me to look a little flat. 

I really wanted to love this foundation. I really really really wanted it to work. I tried using it with different primers, including the brand’s own, but nothing worked. In fact, this foundation pretty much sucks major balls, and it pains me to say that about it because the ever matte primer is a holy grail product for me. I expected this foundation to keep me matte all day long and some, especially when Jackie Aina said she sometimes found it too matte for her and girls who lived in humid conditions would love it. I do not like this at all. First because it does not keep me matte. Yes it dries to a matte finish. But when I do the slightest activity, I start to perspire like crazy. The foundation stays intact and I’m just sweating buckets. I’m not oily, I’m just sweating like there’s no tomorrow. It is transfer resistant to an extent, but when you start to get oily, it’ll definitely transfer. I should also mention that it dries really fast so it’s best to work in sections. 

I find that coverage is light – medium, and not medium like is claimed. You can only build up quickly after you apply the first layer, and only to areas where you need more coverage, else it’ll get cakey real quick. It does control oil to an extent. It’s definitely not as impressive as I thought it would be. But if I’m sitting still and not doing much, I don’t get oily til after probably 4 hours. BUTTT once I start to walk about or go out in the sun for even 10 minutes, here come the waterworks. Perspiration literally pours out of my face like an open tap. And I really don’t know why. 

Here the undertones are more apparent and they are definitely not as golden as I would like 

I did a comparison of the foundation with other shades I wear 

Left to right: NARS all day luminous weightless foundation New Orleans, Maybelline superstay Cocoa, BECCA ever matte foundation Sandalwood. You can tell that the other two are more orangey than the BECCA foundation. 

I don’t find that the foundation oxidizes, and it is definitely a lightweight feeling foundation. I am so disappointed that it did not do what it claimed. I did not see the need to set my face with a powder since it dries to a matte finish, but occasionally I use my Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying powder and it doesn’t make a difference in keeping me matte. I did try setting my face with my Skindinavia Finishing Spray, no difference either. 

For how much this cost, it did not impress me at all, and I have no good things to say about it. I will continue to use it of course, because it is expensive and the colour match is not half bad when I finish applying my full face, but I would definitely not repurchase. 

So would I recommend this foundation? I would say yes and no. Yes because I found very few reviews where it didn’t work for people. Mostly everyone was raving about how amazing it was and how it kept them matte for several hours without needing to blot. And just because something didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. And I would say no because it is expensive!! And I bet you could find a cheaper product that would work the same or even better than this. In fact, I definitely prefer my SuperStay over this. 

I’m sorry this is such a long post and if you made it to the end of this post, thanks for reading! 

Have you tried this foundation? Share your experiences with me. 


44 thoughts on “Testing Out the BECCA Ever Matte Foundation

  1. “Here comes the waterworks” 😂 Sweating more usual is a very unusual reaction to a foundation. I wonder what caused it.
    What I’ve noticed is that when people who live in the temperate regions of the world say “humid” they mean the mild heat of summer. But “humid” in West Africa is 30 – 35 blazing degrees Celsius of oppressive heat. I have foundations that wear perfectly on hot summer days abroad, but I dare not wear them outdoors for more than 30 minutes in this Lagos or they start to melt. It’s all very subjective. I hope you can make it work.

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    • I really hope I find a way to make it work because it pains my heart when I think of what I could have used that 200gh for. At this point I just just cave and get the Estee Lauder already. I really late to the party on Thursday


      • I hope so! I can’t get a sample (boohoo) but I can get matched before I buy, thankfully. But then again the lights in the store are so bright I hope they don’t mislead me. are samples readily available in Nigeria?


      • Omg! Those store lights are evil. You’d be in the store thinking you look bomb. Only for you to get out into the real world and your foundation looks a mess in natural light. I’m almost convinced they mess with the lighting somehow. 😂 I always try to go and see how I look in natural light.

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      • Lol store lights are from the devil 😂😂😂 and I feel like the ladies at the counters here aren’t even so savvy with shade matching. I probably know a lot more about it than they do. They be trying to match a girl to NW45 when clearly that is way too dark for her 😩


      • You know. And it’s hella annoying. I really don’t know why you say you’re an NW43/45 because I think you’re much lighter than that. Have you considered going NC?


      • To be honest, I’ve given up on MAC foundations because even NW43/45 is too dark for me. It’s just the closest match I can find. I think they need to adjust their undertones or improve shade range or something. I think I might be NC45 or NC50. Maybe someday I will go and find out.

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      • Because it’s not just that the shade is too dark, it’s that the undertones look off as well. I’ve found much better matches with Estee Lauder and Black Up


      • Samples are not available here either. Even with brands with actual stores here like Blackup, to get a sample is a problem. The sales assistants will just be acting like you’re a freeloader. 😂 I don’t bother tbh. I let them shade match me then I wear the foundation for the rest of the day and see how I feel. If it doesn’t work out, I go and get shade matched to a different day and repeat till I find a shade I can work with.

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      • Same with here. The only person I found willing to give me a sample was the girl at the Lancôme counter and she said she was out of bottles 😥 I went to the mac store and one girl there just flat out refused to shade match me, telling me I would have to buy a foundation before I could get matched. Colour me surprised on that!

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      • Omg I’ve experienced this before, but with a BlackUp counter in the UK. The sales assistant flat out said she wouldn’t match me unless I bought a foundation. I was like 😑😑😑. As someone in the beauty industry she should know that it’s not even advisable to buy a foundation on sight. You should take home a sample, test it for oxidization and how it reacts with your skin. Especially when the foundation is expensive. I don’t know if she was just being difficult so that I could purchase and she could increase her sales, or if this is blackup’s policy.

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      • I didn’t. Well, not from the obnoxious sales assistant. I left. I went back another day, and there was a much nicer sales rep around. She shade matched me to different shades, l wore the best matching one to do the rest of my shopping in the mall, then I went back and bought the foundation + she gave me a free sample of a primer I wanted to try.

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      • I actually really like their primers. I wonder why they’re not talked about much. The original one (I believe it is called the mattifying primer) is a gel primer that is pretty decent at filling pores and controlling oil. I used only a sample of that one though, and i only used it in the UK so I can only offer a first impression, and I have no idea how it will perform in the African heat. I purchased the full size of 8 hr correcting primer, and it’s more like a lotion than a gel. It absorbs into the skin like a skincare product, and leaves a soft matte finish on the skin, as opposed to drying out the skin when first applied like the Becca one tends to do. It’s not very good at filling pores, but it smooths out my skin when it’s flaking, makeup goes smoothly over it and last longer.

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      • Yes, their mattifying fluid foundation doesn’t break down as easily when I pair it with the 8 hour correcting primer. However, I wouldn’t say you need to bend over backwards to buy it. It is pretty pricey for being basically a smoothing primer, and I will be trying out quite a few more primers in the coming months to find something else I like.

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      • I will be trying Smashbox, Benefit, Estee Edit, Hourglass, and NYX to see if there’s something I’ll like more that’s not as expensive.

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      • Omg how did I not see all these comments?? Hourglass is just as expensive, probably even more than blackUp so it might not be your best bet. Smashbox or any of the others listed may turn out to be it for you though! Sorry for the late reply hon 🙈


      • I bought a bunch of things from Sephora and I received a bunch of primer samples. Hourglass and Estee Edit were part of them. I did purchase the Smashbox one by myself but it was the travel size so it wasn’t too costly. Although to be honest, if I find a primer that will mattifying my skin, blur my pores, smooth out texture and extend the wear of my makeup, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more. It’s just that most primers only do one thing. I want to see if I can get a sample of the benefit one too. The day Sephora comes to Nigeria no one will be happier than me. Anyway NYX Photo Loving Primer in Clear is cheap and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews so I definitely want to try that out.

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      • Me too. As long as it’ll do what it says, I don’t mind paying too much for it. Lol you know!! The day Sephora comes to Ghana, I think I might have to move out of my house and into the store because I will practically be sleeping there 😂😂


      • As for the MAC incident, I feel like they don’t screen their employees properly for likeability. Because some of them have an uppity attitude that has no place in customer service.

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      • YES! You said it so well. They are have some snooty attitude that just rubs me the wrong way. I can’t wait to walk past them and into Estee Lauder to finally pick up my double wear!


      • You knoww! That 200gh could have bought Estee Lauder and I’d have change. I kind of regret getting it but somehow I also don’t. At least I satisfied my curiosity about the foundation


      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I want to get the Kat von D foundation even though I am half-convinced it won’t work out for me. But I won’t be satisfied till I try it out for myself.

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