Mac book giveaway

fabulous giveaway! i would so love to win this!!


After thinking a lot about what kind of giveaway I should do, I decided to give away  two brand new mac books to two lucky winners. So here´s your chance to win the latest mac books in silver, gold, space grey or rosé! You can check out all the features of the mac books here:

All that you have to do, is to be active on my social media platforms:

Twitter: @ibinmary22

Instagram: @ibinmary

Snapchat: ibinmary

And also be active on my blog:

How to enter:

  1. You need to have a wordpress account. (If you´re new to wordpress & you´re about to create a wordpress account, make sure your username on wordpress is similar to your username on Instagram.)
  2. You need to be following my blog and likemy previous blog posts.
  3. You have to be following me on Instagram (@ibinmary) and you have…

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