What Happened When I Decided to Bake My Face

Happy new month people! I hope it’s going well so far. Sometimes if you can’t beat ’em, you have to join ’em, and that’s exactly what I did. I’ve been seeing people bake in practically every YouTube video I’ve watched so I decided to give it a shot.

And what exactly is baking? I’m pretty sure everybody knows by now what it is, it’s leaving a setting powder to sit on your face for a few minutes then brushing off the excess. This is supposed to absorb all oils and leave a matte finish, and prevent concealer from creasing (that’s if it’s under your eyes you’re baking). I decided to try it out, but baking my whole face, and here’s how I got on.

Now before I continue, I have to mention that I have oily/combination skin, mostly oily in the t-zone but I’ve been known to get oily all over in extreme cases. My nose is the first to go shine city usually, then the rest of my t-zone follows.


7:15am. Leaving home, face freshly baked

I noticed my nose get shiny early as usual, but the rest of my face didn’t. I blotted because I am so used to blotting but I realised that I didn’t need to because I wasn’t oily at all.


6.20pm. Leaving work

At this point I had been wearing my makeup for over 11 hours and I hadn’t gotten shiny at all. Usually I would be so oily by midday, and would have to blot several times by the end of the day.

The second day I tried baking, I resisted the urge to blot, just to see how long I would take to get oily. And I kid you now, I did not get oily AT ALL. Yes, my nose did get shiny enough to light up my neighborhood in a blackout, but the rest of my face did not follow like it usually does. Damn I don’t know why I didn’t try baking earlier. I am definitely hooked !

If you’re going to bake with a translucent powder, be careful to not to overboard with the powder or it’ll leave a white cast.

If you haven’t tried baking, give it a shot now!!

Beverly xx


4 thoughts on “What Happened When I Decided to Bake My Face

  1. Good that it worked for you! But I do have lines around my eyes and when there are lines, combination of powder and foundation tends to cake up in those crevices, no matter how fast you work it.. Sigh…. 😦
    Anyways, your under eyes look taut and tight! Baking would definitely work for you!!!

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