Review: Jordana Eye Makeup Remover

Wow my blog has got absolutely no love in so long! There’s just been a lot going on, which I will talk about later. Today I have another review coming your way: the Jordana Eye Makeup Remover


This is a dual-phase liquid that is activated when shaken.

Description: (taken from the bottle)

•  Silicon-free
•  Oil-free
•  Fragrance-free
•  Gently and effectively removes waterproof mascara and eye makeup without any tugging or pulling
•  Leaves no oily residue

How to use: Shake well. Apply with cotton ball on closed eyelids. Rinse well with cold water

How cool are these dual-phase liquids? It’s always so amazing to see them never mix, until they are shaken. But hey, I’m detracting from the review. Back to it.

I’ve been using this for a little while now, since I posted my Teeny Tiny Haul post and I can now give unbiased review.


The eye makeup remover is housed in a slightly opaque bottle with a grey cover.

I don’t use a lot of waterproof eye makeup, except for maybe my LA Girl gel eyeliner, and hardly any mascara (I know, shocking right?), but this actually lived up to its claims to remove eye makeup without pulling or tugging. I just poured a little onto a cotton ball and held it to my eye, and in a few short minutes, my eyes were clear! Now I know it claims to be oil free, but it left a filmy residue on me eyes, which me no likey 🙍


Another thing I don’t like about this: the wide neck. Really Jordana, really?! This is a potential hazard, and the probability of tipping this onto your carpet/floor/wherever is very high if you’re not extra cautious. Another thing I use this for is to remove liquid lipsticks. It makes removing my ColourPop liquid lipsticks a breeze. Just moisten a cotton ball with the eye makeup remover, hold it to my lips and voila! Fuss free and easy. However I have to wipe with a dry tissue to take away that filmy residue I mentioned.

But all in all, it’s a really good eye makeup remover for the price. I got this for 10 cedis. Yup, you read right. It is dirt cheap and it works so hey I’m not complaining. You get 4 FL OZ/118mL of product which should last you a really long time.

Have you tried any eye makeup removers? Share your experience with me.

Beverly xx


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