ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – Part II

Hi guys. This is the second installment of my review of the ColourPop ultra mattes. I previously reviewed 3 shades, Guess, Rooch and More Better, which you can check out here. Today I’m gonna be talking about 2 more, Be-Dazzled and LAX.


Since I already talked about the formula and such in the last post, I’m not going to go into that much here.

Be-Dazzled is described as a deep true purple. It is a bright, bright purple with deep blue undertones that can be worn straight out of the tube if you like your brights or with a lip liner to tone it down if you’re not so keen on rocking super bright lips.

LAX is described as a vampy blackened red. It’s a deep burgundy with strong brown undertones. It looks almost brown on me depending on how you look at it.


They are both super pigmented in one swipe, but you can layer for intensity. However you have to do that fast cos these dry down matte pretty quick and crumble and flake if you layer too thickly. Both shades are brown – girl friendly and are extremely flattering on every skin tone.


Comparison between ColourPop ultra mattes Rooch and LAX. They look pretty similar wet but the difference is a little more apparent when they dry down.

As with all mattes, exfoliation is key before application, else they cling to dry patches and emphasize them. They wear for hours until you eat something oily then they start to break down, and you’ll have to remove and reapply. If you try to apply a new layer onto what’s already on your lips, it’ll flake and look a hot mess so please don’t try that at home.

Overview of all the shades:


My favourites are Guess, Be-Dazzled and LAX. Guess is pretty unusual and I have nothing like that in my stash. I absolutely love it. Now y’all know I love me a purple lip so it should come as no surprise that I love Be-Dazzled too. However it’s nothing like anything I have so it’s a very welcome addition.

It took a while for More Better to grow on me, because I’m not a fan of fuchsia or pink lipsticks, but with some manipulation and liner action, I manage to make it work for me now. Rooch, I surprisingly do not like as much as I thought I would. Maybe with time it’ll grow on me like More Better did. I will try to do FOTDs with these in separate posts to come.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews of the Ultra Matte Lips. Which is your favorite?

Thanks for reading ❤

Beverly xx


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