Can you believe I’ve never been nominated for the Liebster Award? Shocking right? So when the lovely Not Just Any Beauty Blog nominated me, I was ecstatic. Tbh I have been dying to be nominated lol. So here goes…


What I was asked:

1 Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I was having a hard time finding swatches of makeup on not just dark skin, but specifically Ghanaian skin. So I decided to be the one that simplifies that for African women, while hunting online for bargain purchases that suit dark skin tones

2 Who’s your favourite band? This is a hard one, especially considering I’m not into bands as much as I used to be. But if I had to choose I would probably say Little Mix, but even them, not so much 😕

3 What is your biggest fear? Erm. Losing my whole family. Scares the pants off me

4 What’s your favourite animal?  Definitely a dog! I have always had a dog since I was growing up

5 Can you drive, if so what car do you drive? Yes I can, but sadly I do not have a car. I really want one  though

6 What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time? I like to read/write/watch movies when I’m idle. Which is a lot of the time 😕

7 What is your dream job? I would love to work with the United Nations one day

8 What’s your dream holiday destination? Backpacking through Europe, but most preferably France! 😍

9 Who is your inspiration/idol? This is cheesy but my inspiration is my mum. She has overcome so much adversity to get to where she is now and I learn from her everyday

10 If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have three items (beside food/drink) what would you pick? Eyeliner, a red lipstick and a good book to entertain me

Ten random facts about me:

1 I think tattoos can be cute (at least some of them) but I don’t think I could stand the pain of getting one

2 I love lipsticks, and have accumulated more than I need

3 I was born and have lived in Ghana my whole life. But I would really love to visit France

4 My middle name is Akeebi (pronounced Uh-Kay-bi) I was named after my paternal grandmother, and my cousin has that name too

5 My mum got the name Beverly from a book she read when she was 10 years old

6 I am afraid of the dark

7 I am one half Fante, a quarter Ga and another quarter Kwahu, making me 75% Akan and a quarter Ga. For those who do not know, those are a few of the tribes in Ghana

8 I love me some Candy Crush!

9 My favourite celebrity and TV show is Gabrielle Union and Being Mary Jane

10 I know a lot more any technology than the average girl

My questions:
1 What is your name and what is the meaning of it?
2 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
3 What’s the best book you ever read?
4 What’s your favourite movie/TV show of all time?
5 Who is your celebrity crush?
6 What’s one makeup product you couldn’t live without?
7 If you could create your own makeup brand, what would you call it?
8 What is your blog schedule? How often do you post?
9 Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
10 What is your heritage?

I nominate:

NYC Beauty Blogger

The Beauty of our Imperfection

Happy Beauty Bunny

Simply Beauty RuRu

Okay so I couldn’t find 10 people lol

Thanks for reading!


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