I’m Loving This Elf Matte Lip Color

Right off the bat, I should say that if you’re expecting this to be your typical matte, it isn’t. It’s not at all drying, but it’s not hydrating either. It’s a right balance.



It comes in a slim black box? If I can call it that. The packaging is chic and I quite like it.

I got this in the shade Rich Red. It’s a chubby lipstick that is smaller than a “regular” chubby lipstick but bigger than a lip liner. For a colour called rich red, I was initially skeptical about just how rich it was going to be.


Like a lot of lipsticks, it’s shade – coded at the bottom, which comes off to reveal a tiny sharpener. Ingenious right? Now y’all know I love me some red lipsticks, and this one certainly did not disappoint! It’s a beautiful blue – toned red, so it makes my gnashers look super white! It goes on easily and lasts for hours. Like a lot of matte lipsticks, it starts to get drying as the day goes on, but nothing too unbearable. The first time I wore it, I was surprised to see this lipstick transfer onto every single thing that touched my lips. Then I go to the mirror and it’s still there looking like I had just applied it freshly! It does stain the lips a bit so be sure to use an oil based removed when taking it off, but does not bleed or feather, thankfully.


You get 1.4g/0.05 oz of product which is certainly smaller than other chubby lipsticks in my collection but is not a problem, really. I like how the tip is slightly pointy so can be used to easily define the cupid’s bow.


Lightly swatched/heavily swatched.

All in all, I absolutely love this. It’s a beautiful colour that should work on every skin tone. A little bird told me it’s a dupe for Ruby Woo so if you’ve been lusting after that but can’t justify spending 90 – 100 cedis on a lipstick, Rich Red is for you! However these are not readily available. I’ve seen a few vendors online where it’s typically between 20 – 25 cedis but I picked this up at the Makeup Ghana Connects exhibition for 15 cedis! Hurrah to saving! I definitely recommend this, if you can get your hands on it and I’m definitely looking forward to trying other shades in this range. I’ve got my eye on Tea Rose and Berry Sorbet.

All Elf products are cruelty free.

Beverly xx


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