Colour Correcting Featuring LA Girl Orange Corrector

If you have flawless skin, share your secret with me! But if, like me, you have been plagued with acne and as a result, have acne scars or hyperpigmentation, this post is for you.

If you don’t have flawless skin doesn’t mean you can’t fake flawless skin. That is where this handy tool comes in. Dark circles and marks have blue undertones that can only be hidden by peach or orange shades, depending on how light or dark your skin is. This is where the LA Girl Orange Corrector comes in…


This is described by the LA Girl website as:
-Camouflages the appearance of skin imperfections
-Evens out skin tone
-Covers dark circles
-Minimizes fine lines
-Provides customizable coverage

I love the LA Girl concealers. They’re one of the best things that ever happened to me. Although it’s sometimes hard to get the product out of tube, which is one gripe of mine. Anyway back to the corrector.


I don’t really have bad under eye circles but I tried it on my hyperpigmentation.

I like to push this into my skin using a beauty blender. I prefer to make this set a bit before I go in with my foundation. Just so I don’t rub it off while applying my foundation.

It does a good job of hiding the darkness in my face. However I have realised that when I sweat, the orange starts to show! It also feels heavier than I would like after I use foundation over it. All in all it’s a really good corrector and I like it enough. However I won’t be repurchasing because a good full coverage foundation can cover up my hyperpigmentation just as well. This is not to say it isn’t a good product, so you should still give it a try, you might like it more than I did!

Beverly xx


22 thoughts on “Colour Correcting Featuring LA Girl Orange Corrector

  1. OMG when I first got this, I put it on, went out. It wasn’t till the end of the day that I looked into the mirror and saw that while my (light coverage) foundation has faded over the course the day, the corrector had stayed put, so I had a very weird ring of orange around my mouth. I was beyond mortified! I now wear it with only my full coverage foundations, or I mix it with a concealer to tame the excessive orange-ness.

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    • Hahaha this cracked me up so badly. I’m probably the only one that hasn’t figured out how to blend my foundation over this corrector for it not to show chale. I barely use it because of that. Or when I do, my face feels so caked with product. I only have it just because but I’ll probably toss it soon lol

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      • Yes, Elf has a corrector stick. They just launched it a few weeks ago, I believe. I have Peach Lustre, and I much prefer it to the LA Girl one. It doesn’t have as much coverage, but it blends really good. I’m looking for the best of both worlds. Something with great coverage that blends well with other products.

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      • BECCA has a corrector that’s supposed to be really bomb. And I see Glory’s beauty is having a blog sale and she has warm almond up for grabs. You should be all up on that


      • It was Golden Almond I wanted. I don’t know that I want a Becca-priced corrector, but I will check reviews and see if it’s worth it . I’ve got my eye on the Sephora ones too. But if the Elf one works, that would be best.

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      • Haha I feel you on that Becca priced corrector comment 😂😂😂 and I just realised that Glory’s hourglass is way expensive. I know you definitely can’t spend that much on a foundation


      • Honestly the price is the reason it’s taken me this long to buy that Hourglass foundation. 46 dollars is quite a bit of money for a stick foundation.

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      • me too, and also because it’s gotten such mixed reviews. on one hand people are saying it’s amazing and on the other hand people are saying you should stay away from it if you are oily so I am kind of stuck in the middle, not knowing who to believe, especially as there’s 46 dollars at stake here. what was Hourglass thinking when they put such a price tag on it??


      • You know. People who love it, looove it, and it always seems to be Youtubers who got it for free. But then I go to Sephora and other sites and I see people who bought it with their hard earned money complaining that it transfers and fades and settles into lines and it’s just generally not worth the money. I’m honestly not sure whether or not to buy it.

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      • That’s the same thing I see too, from the honest reviewers. Transfer and settling into lines is definitely a deal breaker for me. I think I’ll pass and try to get a good enough match in the Anastasia range. It’s more pocket friendly

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