How To: Brow Routine

Happy new month people!

Alright so this is probably an already done post, but hey don’t mean I can’t chip in my two cents right? Hehe. This is a pretty simple routine for those lazy makeup days. Of course you can rock it for a full – on makeup day or tweak it for more pizzazz. This is a picture heavy post, sorry! To define your brows you need:


• Brow pencil (which is what I’m using here)
• Two concealers: one lighter than your skin tone and one skin tone matching. Here I’m using LA Girl fawn and beautiful bronze
• An angled brush
• Spoolie
Optional – a small eyebrow scissor

Make sure your brows are well groomed to start with. Mine weren’t so I trimmed them with the small scissors. I have naturally full but unruly eyebrows so I have to trim them often or they grow everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE

Note that I’m using my right eye for reference


Natural brows trimmed
With your spoolie, brush through eyebrows. Now take your pencil and using soft strokes, draw a line underneath your eyebrows.


Like this

Using more soft strokes, draw a line on top of the eyebrow. Not too close to the start of the brows, so you have two parallel lines


Like this

Now extend the parallel lines, making them meet in a point at the end of the brow. Lol I am making any sense here?! I hope so! I prefer to arch my eyebrows cos I have a pretty full face so it helps to soften my face but you can do it any style you prefer.


It should look like this. Now fill in using more soft strokes. This is to imitate hair follicles. Brush through using the spoolie to prevent any harsh lines.


Now highlight under the drawn brow using the lighter concealer and the angled brush. Blend out the concealer.


Using the skin tone matching concealer, conceal under the brow. You can use your foundation in place of the skin tone matching concealer. I choose to highlight the top of my brows too, but that’s an optional step (reason for the lighter concealer you see on the top of my eyebrow) Make sure to blend, blend, blend!!

Using your ring finger, gently wipe any remaining concealer from under your brow. Brush through brows again to diffuse any harsh lines.


Ta-daah! And you’re done! There’s clearly a difference between my right eyebrow and the left one.

It has taken me really long to come up with a routine that I’m completely comfortable with and can do with my eyes closed. Hopefully this should make filling in your eyebrows much easier!

If you fill in your eyebrows in a different way, share your routine with me!

Beverly xx


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