One Brand, Two Foundations: CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous & CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous | Review and Comparisons

I’m pretty excited to do this review cos I’ve been using these foundations a lot lately and I think it’s time for me to share my thoughts and experiences with them. From here on, I’m going to refer to Ready Set Gorgeous as RSG and Outlast Stay Fabulous as OSF. Too long for me to keep typing. These companies just keep making product names longer and longer. Ok I’m deviating. Let’s go!


Left Ready Set Gorgeous, right Outlast Stay Fabulous.

I got RSG in shade 315 tawny, and OSF in shade 375 soft sable. Why not get them in the same colour? Well cos tawny is a tad lighter and soft sable is a tad darker. So I mix 2 parts tawny and one part soft sable to get a colour that’s a perfect fit for me. And why not just get the same type of foundation? Because I wanted to try both, so I got them both! Anyway as before, I’m going to review these based on coverage, finish and staying power then deliver my verdict.

Before I continue, I’ll state once again that I have combination to oily skin, with a very oily t-zone. I have no dry patches, but I have acne scarring, acne prone skin and hyperpigmentation, so i prefer full coverage foundations. Yes I have a lot of problems 😥


CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 375 Soft Sable


CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous 315 Tawny

RSG comes in a squeeze tube and OSF comes in a glass bottle with a lockable pump! ☺ They both have a weird perfume-y smell. It’s not too bad but it’s pretty unusual the first time you smell it


I would consider the coverage of RSG to be medium to full, and OSF to be light to medium. But mixed together, I get a level of coverage that is so amazing and does a fantastic job of evening out my skin tone. However on it’s own, OSF is light and I need 3 full pumps to even my skin tone, and still have to go in with a concealer after. With RSG, 2 small squeezes is what I need to cover my face. No need for a concealer. They can both be layered easily, with no cakiness of any sort. RSG wins this round


I was expecting them both to be matte, cos that’s what all the reviews I read before getting these said. However I find these are definitely NOT matte. Not in the least. I had to set with a powder because I wanted a matte finish. I did find that RSG was a little more of a demi – matte finish, in comparison to OSF, which is more of a satin finish. RSG wins yet another round.


I wasn’t very impressed with the staying power of these. I was expecting to be blown away. Probably I had super high hopes cos of all the rave reviews I had seen.  I tried them out without a powder and I found them to both last just over 4 hours before they started to fade. With a powder, it was phenomenal. No kidding. I can get 8 hour days and still look made up by the end of the day, with absolutely no touch ups, only blotting my ever-oily t-zone with a tissue. Without a powder, oil control is pretty meh but with a powder, it’s fantastic. My oil is kept at bay for ages and my nose doesn’t get shiny until the 5 hour mark, which is just great, if you know me and how shiny my nose always is. It’s a tie between OSF and RSG.

I tried applying these with my Colorbox pro big mama beauty blender and my real techniques expert face brush, and I find that the RT brush does a better job of applying, and I use less product. I do wish these were waterproof. It’s not cute leaving brown stains on my phone screen and on whatever I touch x_x


Left Ready Set Gorgeous 315 Tawny; right Outlast Stay Fabulous 375 Soft Sable



I feel like OSF has neutral undertones, and RSG has yellow tones. Since my undertones are more yellow than neutral (although I’d rather wear neutral undertones than cool ones, those make me look ashy), mixing them together gives me subtle yellow that’s not too over the top.


I love both of these foundations and yes, I highly recommend them. The finish is very natural and it lasts and lasts, fading evenly. A definite repurchase, it’s worth every cent! These deserve Holy Grail status! Now if only I could find my perfect colour…

Whew! This has been a REALLY long review! Have you tried these? What is your favourite foundation?

Beverly xx


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