Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | First Impressions

If you haven’t heard about Real Techniques, which you probably have, unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s a line of affordable brushes started by YouTube gurus, Sam and Nic Chapman. I have read so many rave reviews about their brushes, and I decided to get the expert face brush, which is one of their brushes that’s sold as a single.


First thing I noticed when I saw it was how tiny it was. I don’t know what I expected, but I guess I just didn’t think it would be this small.


It’s designed for the application of both cream and liquid foundation, and in true real techniques style, is made of an aluminium body which looks to be all ferrule. The synthetic bristles are dense but super soft, and make application of foundation such a delight. I tried it with different types of foundation and each time I got a flawless application.

The wide base of the brush allows it to be stood on its own, which I think is pretty neat. I didn’t find it to absorb too much foundation during use, so there’s no waste.


It was pretty easy to wash. I was careful to prevent water from dripping into the bristles, and thankfully it didn’t take too long to dry. 

I highly recommend this. It’s revolutionised my the way I apply foundation and has cut down my makeup application time in half. It spreads foundation evenly and easily. Makes layering easy too so no cake face with this. I am definitely impressed by this brush, and I’m looking forward to trying more RT brushes!

Have you tried this or any RT brush? Share your thoughts!

Beverly xx


3 thoughts on “Real Techniques Expert Face Brush | First Impressions

  1. I have my Core collection and I am obsessed with the quality of the brushes. And i love them sooo much. They are very afortable and well made :-). The setting brush is the most popular on yt. It can be used for highlighter or to set under eyes. One with pink colour to it. Check that out 🙂

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