LA Girl Pro HD Setting Powder: Worth the Hype?

I have been looking for a translucent powder to set my foundation for a while now. I had my eye on the Ben Nye neutral set, but seeing as that Ben Nye is outrageously priced in Ghana, I decided to go with the more pocket-friendly LA Girl version, which I got at the Makeup Ghana Connects exhibition.


It comes in a small tub with a powder puff which is pretty useless in my opinion. I’ll say why in a bit. Once you remove the powder puff, there’s sticky tape covering the sifter. Please, take this off with caution and do NOT throw it away. Instead stick it over all but 2 holes of the sifter. You’ll thank me later, because this powder gets EVERYWHERE. Like, literally. There’s so much fallout.



I apply this using the BH powder brush from the BH cosmetics party girl set. It’s finely milled and super soft. But be careful when you’re using it. I only pick up a little bit of the powder with my brush and apply to my t zone to set my foundation.

Too much of it and you’ll end up looking like Casper the anaemic ghost 😂, which is what happened to me the first time I used it. I applied it with the powder puff provided and I looked so scary in flash photography, though not so bad in person. Because it is transparent, it’s suitable for all skin tones. Yup. Even dark chocolate beauties. Just apply with a light hand because a little goes a long way

According to LA Girl: A luxe finishing powder that sets the foundation and mattifies skin. Made of 100% mineral silica, this powder is a luxurious and versatile tool that perfectly sets your makeup while evening out the complexion, softening lines and imperfections for a glowing, radiant look.
The translucent powder is a universally wearable shade . The lightweight formula can be applied on bare skin or over foundation for a flawless finish.
-Provides a natural, matte and flawless finish
-Sets makeup for a long time
-Preps and primes
-Evens out complexion



top: swatched bottom: blended

I agree with most of LA Girl’s claims. It melts into my skin and kept me oil and shine free for over 4 hours, which is very impressive for someone as oily as I am. It is lightweight, and matte but not flat. As to it evening out my complexion, I would attribute that to my CoverGirl ready set gorgeous foundation which I am totally loving (I’lI review that soon, promise!)

So far, I have been impressed with all the LA Girl products I have tried, the only exception being the glazed lip paints which sucked.

I definitely recommend this. It’s a budget setting powder and it works. I still want to get the Ben Nye though. Maybe after I’m done with my no buy. But for the moment, this LA Girl is impressing me massively. Get this for 30 cedis from Abby (Instagram) she delivers too.

Have you tried this? Share your experience.

Beverly xx


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