Sleek Tweek – The Perfect Brown Girl Nude?

I have been searching for the perfect nude lipstick to compliment my skin and it has been hard ! I tell you no lies. My search led me to the Sleek true colour lipstick line. Since Sleek is aimed toward women of colour, I thought if could find the perfect nude, it would be at Sleek. Enter the shade tweek…

It’s hard to say the name without nipping my tongue a bit. Sleek tweek. Anyway…

What it is: according to the Sleek website, Tweek is a sheen brown perfect for a fresh vampy look, use Eau La La Liner in Molasses to line lips, dust Luminous Pressed Powder all over the face, finally shape and define brows using Brow Kit.

I don’t exactly know how they mean by “fresh vampy look” but I’ll give it a shot.


The lipstick is housed in a cylindrical, rubberized matte tube. Very different from other “regular” lipsticks. However don’t let the size fool you. It contains 3.5g/1.2oz of product. The packaging is very classy, and I dare say sleek (pun intended 😀)


Sleek lipsticks come in two formulas (formulae?), matte and sheen, and tweek is a sheen lipstick. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a sheen to it. It just means it’s not matte. I don’t know if I’m making any sense here.

Ok lemme try again. The sheen formulas are moisturising, non-drying and very comfortable to wear. And that’s exactly what tweek is. It does have a slight sheen to it, but nothing too overpowering. I did not notice any scent to it.


There’s a colour shade on the box to give you an idea of what you’re getting. However these aren’t always exact representations of the colour, as I noticed with this.


It swatches very brown but on my lips there’s a pinky undertone that I quite like. Application is such a breeze. It is very easy to wear but it’s so light I have to layer it on before you can actually see it on my lips. Thankfully it doesn’t wash me out or give me a case of concealer lips.

Wear time is lackluster. The sheen disappears after about an hour, and after you can barely see it anymore.

Do I recommend this? Yes, if you don’t mind reapplying your lipstick during the day. The bullet is so small it shouldn’t take too much space in your bag. It’s a good nude and should suit all skin tones.

So in conclusion, is it the perfect brown girl nude? I would say no. But it’s worth a shot. You might like it as much as I do. So in the meantime, I continue my search for the perfect nude.


(Not the most flattering of pictures but just to show how it looks on me)

This is available at the Sleek shop in the Makola shopping mall for 20 cedis.

What is your go – to nude? Share it with me!

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


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