Look What I Got! Beautiful Brush Holders

Happy new month people! Can’t believe we’re three months into the new year already. So far so good right?

So a trip to town yesterday proved successful cos I found the most beautiful brush holders. Take a look at these cuties!


Of course, I HAD to get a purple one. And the pink was practically what drew me to them. The eggshell, I got as an afterthought when I realised just how pretty it was.

Of course I don’t have that many brushes so I am definitely not going to use them all as brush holders. The eggshell brush looked very pretty holding my BH brush set and my other single brushes


The pink and purple, I decided to hold a part of my ever expanding lipstick collection in the meantime until I get a proper lipstick holder


This is holding all crayons, lip liners and pencils. Basically anything long enough to peek over the top


Lipsticks. Upside down so I can easily see and pick out what I want


How cute do these look? I don’t think I can ever stop looking at my dresser [insert any insult here]

And I can’t believe just how cheap these were. Almost too embarrassing to write here but I’ll give you a clue 😂😂. Not quite a dollar.

How do you organise your brushes or anything else on your dresser? Share your thoughts!

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


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