The Quest for the Perfect Berry Lipstick

Probably the post I am most excited about. I love me a berry lip. I know I say this about every lip colour but really, berries are my favourites without a doubt. That’s why I have worn down my poor Milani Sangria. It probably hides when I’m looking for lipstick to wear because it’s definitely one abused lipstick.

My berry collection is pretty small though…


Left to right:
• Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Sangria (check out review here)
• Jordana Twist and Shine Moisturising Balm in Cranberry Crush (which i have reviewed here)
• Milani Color Statement Lipstick in matte Flirty

It took me a bit of thought to include Flirty in this line up. See for yourself in the swatches


Top to bottom: sangria, cranberry crush, flirty

Flirty (review of this coming soon) swatches differently from the way it applies. It looks more berry but on my lips, it looks like a berry toned red. So I almost included it in the red lipstick post. I also noticed that Flirty and Eldorado Red looked similar when swatched


Top to bottom: matte flirty, eldorado red, sangria

Notice how similar the two look? But they look miles apart when worn so they are definitely NOT dupes of each other. Eldorado Red has more brick undertones while Matte Flirty has more berry undertones.

Like before, I should mention that cranberry crush isn’t exactly a lipstick, but it’s a tentative way to venture into wearing berry lipsticks.

What is your favourite berry lipstick? Any recommendations?

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


4 thoughts on “The Quest for the Perfect Berry Lipstick

  1. i actually have the milani sangria haha, it is too dark on me to be berry but i still love how fresh it looks if i apply it lightly, or just on the centre of my lips.


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