Avon Big Colour Lip Pencils – a review

I have been looking for a review of these online but I haven’t found anything. That’s pretty weird. But here I come with mine 😀

I’m not sure how many colours these come in, but I picked up three — portwine, sherry and cranberry.


Top to bottom: cranberry, portwine and sherry

Picking these was a bit of a gamble because the only thing I had to go on was the colour – coded bottom since they were all shrink wrapped.

They look like a standard lip pencil, but smaller than the usual ones I know and am used to. Like the ones from Revlon and Jordana. And like I mentioned earlier, they have colour – coded bottoms to make for easier identification. The names of the shade are also written on the tube, just in case.


These were pretty accurate except for sherry. This was a bit of a let down. The colour at the bottom was quite misleading. I thought it would be a nice neutral red but it turned out to be a metallic nude-y shade that I do not found in the least flattering.


Sadly these need to be sharpened. Bummer right? Considering how convenient twist up pencils are, and the waste that could potentially occur due to sharpening.

The caps are fairly tight. However I noticed the cap on the shade cranberry is a tad bit loose. I switched this with one of the others and tah – dah! Problem solved.


Portwine is a beautiful dark reddish wine with neutral undertones (like it says in the name).

Cranberry is a dark vampy plum with reddish undertones. I love this to tiny bits.

Sherry. You see what I said about the difference in the colour bottom and the actual colour? It’s the only one that has flecks of shimmer in it. And yes, they’re visible too. Definitely not my cup of tea.

I noticed that cranberry is a less glossy version of elf EX-tra last lip gloss in Luke


Top Avon big colour in cranberry
Bottom elf EX-tra last lip gloss in Luke

These apply so beautifully. Fully opaque in one swipe, there’s almost never a need for a second swipe. They’re not at all drying but not particularly hydrating either. No matter how long you have it on your lips, they never dry out, which I love a lot about it.

What I do is to line my lips first with it then fill it in until my lips are fully covered. 

Without eating and drinking, it lasts 3-4 hours. It doesn’t survive a huge meal though.

Overall I love them all, except for sherry, which I think I’ll use as an eye-shadow, or experiment with using it as a highlight.


Full face shot of me wearing portwine. I love how white it makes my teeth look 😁😁


Here I’m wearing sherry. You can barely even see it on my lips. It’s more of a nude with shimmer on me


And here I’m wearing cranberry. Although it’s barely visible due to crappy lighting. (I’ll change the picture when I’m able to take a better one)

So there’s my review of the Avon Big Colour lip pencils. Sadly these have been discontinued. But I’m going to include them in my giveaway so one person has a chance to try these too!

Until next time.
Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


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