LA Girl Gel Eyeliner: review and thoughts

This liner was my first foray into the gel world. I’ve experimented with different types of liners. Name it, I’ve tried it. Liquid, pencil, kajal. I find liner itself a little unnerving, especially drawing on the waterline but I found this surprisingly easy to use.

After reading several reviews on it, I decided why the heck not. So I took the plunge and ordered it from my girl Abby


The liner comes in a box which is too bulky, considering it only contains two items. There are three shades but I chose the shade Very Black, because I like my eyeliners to be as black as they come


In the box is a tiny pot with the brand name on the cover and a bonus applicator, which I think is very cool (the fact that they threw in a free brush, that is) However it’s very plain and I would have liked it if LA Girl had put some sort of signature on it to add some pizzazz but it does what it’s supposed to so.


It is intensely pigmented, and a little goes a long way. I find application with the supplied brush to be a breeze because of how thin and fine the tip is. It sets fast so be sure to work quickly!

According to LA Girl: This gel liner has a rich and creamy water resistant formula that glides on smooth without smearing or smudging for long lasting, all day wear. Professional fine eyeliner brush expertly defines eyes to create that ideal smokey or dramatic look effortlessly.


I do find this to be long lasting. The few times, I’ve used it, it’s surprised me by how long it lasts. It stays put for hours and doesn’t budget until I take a makeup wipe to it. I should add that I do not have oily lids.

The water test:


Left: gel eyeliner right: after the water test. The liner did not smudge or move.
I smudged it with my finger but the original two lines remained. So yes, it’s waterproof (to a large extent)

I would definitely recommend this. It’s a great way to get into the gel liner game. And did I mention that it’s very affordable? I got this for 20 cedis from Abby (Instagram here) It’s online for between 20 – 25 cedis which is pretty cool if you ask me.

Definitely going to repurchase this. Did I mention that it can be used as a brow gel too? This multi – tasker is definitely a plus in my books!



More than 9 hours later, my skin is dewy but the eyeliner has barely moved.  What are you still doing reading this? Go out and get it now! 😁

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


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