Milani Anti Feathering Lip Liner Review

I’m sure you already know that I’m a proper lipstick addict. In the short time I’ve been blogging, my collection has grown impressively and I still want more! Crazy right?

What do you do when you have a boatload of lip products but can’t afford to get a matching lip liner for all of them? You get one transparent lip liner! Enter the Milani anti feathering lip liner and primer. Exhibit A


Like I mentioned earlier, it’s transparent, so matches all lip colours. Which is cool if you don’t have the time to match all your lip colours. Did I mention it’s also a lip primer?

Product description: Don’t get us wrong: Feathers are in fashion – just not for your lips. This cool multi-tasking tool ensures you colour inside the lines, so that lipstick and gloss stays exactly where you want it. Simply trace the contours of your lips and fill in with colour, and say buh-bye to endless mirror checks. And because it’s laced with vitamins and hydrators, it can also be used all over as also as a primer, to prep your pout. Like a Best Supporting Actress, this transparent, versatile little number plays perfectly with all other Milani Cosmetics lip products.

Damn that’s a long description! So I don’t entirely agree with everything Milani says here. Read on to find out why.

For starters, it broke the first time I was using it. Cleanly. Might have been from the heat but I was still pretty bummed. So I sharpened it. Because it’s plastic, I didn’t know how sharpening it would turned out but it was easier than I expected.

I tried it with my Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm (my review for that will be coming soon) and I noticed that it made my lipstick feel heavy on my lips. Like it just sat there. Which I didn’t like at all. Then I tried it another time with my Black Radiance Eldorado Red and it was slightly better. It extended the wear time but not by much because these two are already pretty long lasting on their own.


It has a clear plastic cover as seen above and has 0.04oz/1.2g of product.

It has a plasticky, waxy feel on the lips which I do not like at all.

For maximum use, apply thinly. Then apply your lip product using a lip brush. This is what I did with the Eldorado Red. Bottom line is I wasn’t very impressed with this. I expected a lot more from Milani, so no, I do not recommend this.

• Transparent, so can be used for all lip colours
• Doubles as a lip primer
• Can be used to extend the wear of lip products

• Has a waxy feel
• Sits heavy on the lips
• Expensive (I got this for 20gh, I think)

Know any great universal lip liners? Recommend one !

Beverly xx


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