New brush set 😀

As a budding makeup enthusiast, I was all about my lipsticks, but I’m branching into other things now, and that’s why I took the plunge and got the BH 14-piece Party Girl brush set.

I ordered it from my beautiful friend Abby and I got it a few days after I did. It comes in a beautiful sparkly purple case. I’m not so big on the sparkly case but it’s nice to look at so I’m not complaining


In the case is 3 face brushes, 10 eye brushes and one lip brush. Just why one needs 10 eye brushes, I don’t know, but I guess I’m going to find use for all of them soon enough.


There brushes have lilac-y handles and pink ferrules, and the tips of the brushes are purple. They’re very girly (I mean I like pink but these… 😯)


The three face brushes: classic foundation brush, angled blush brush and powder brush.


The eye brushes.

Did I mention Abby threw in a free fan brush? Yes she did !


These brushes are suuuuper soft, especially the face brushes. The only relatively hard ones are the angled liner & brow brushes, which of course have to be that way because of what they are meant for.

Now I haven’t had a chance to play around with these yet, mainly because I’m out of everything (yes everything! Foundation, powder, primer 😕) so when I get the chance to do so, you my people will be the first to know! Of course I’m looking to add other brushes to my collection in the future so let me know what you fave brushes are!

I’ve got other brushes in my collection so watch out for a separate post on them coming soon!

If you’re in Ghana and you want the BH 14 piecer too or any other brush set, Abby is your girl ! Check out her Instagram here here. She delivers nationwide ☺

Love and hugs x

Beverly xx


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