e.l.f Essentials 48 Colour Little Black Book Warm Edition

Man that’s a mouthful ! I haven’t been regular here for some reasons but I’m going to try harder. I’m going to keep today’s review short. This eye-shadow was the second of the stuff I got for Christmas. I’ve been playing around with it and while I’m still not perfect, (I’ve been trying hard to do an amazing smokey eye. The struggle is real 😂) I’m getting pretty good.


It contains 48 warm colours with only about 2 or 3 brighter colours. And it came with an eye-shadow brush and a smudge brush. Woot woot !

I have noticed the shadow brush shed a bit but none for the smudge brush (maybe cos I haven’t used it as much)

The packaging it very attractive. It looks like a little pocketbook when it’s closed, and it shuts tightly too, making it great for travel.


It’s pretty isn’t it? I’m going to update when I manage my first smokey eye. Hehehe.

So like I promised, short review. If you can teach me how to do a great shadow look that would be amazing ☺. Do so in the comments !

Love and hugs,

Beverly xx


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