HD Lip Colour? Fancy name Milani !

Hi lovelies. I’ve got another product review today 😃. I’m sure its pretty obvious right now that I’ve got a lot of love for Milani makeup. They’re cheap and they pack and punch so who can blame me?

This is one product that’s come and gone so forgive me for being late. I’m reviewing Milani’s HD Advanced Lip Colour. Just how a lip colour can be HD, I don’t know but let’s dive straight into this review !


It comes in 11 colours and textures but I chose Lovely Rouge. I can’t resist a red lip !

What Milani claims: Milani introduces 3-in-1 lip color that nourishes, hydrates, and delivers a sheer wash of color with clarity and perfect radiant shine. It instantly comforts dry, chapped lips, and provides long-term moisturizing.

My claims: this is bang on right. I’m not going to give up everything here so keep reading 😉

Application is super easy. It goes on smooth and easy. The tip is pretty small and I think that actually helps with precise application.

The lip colour is housed in a black plastic tube with gold accents. There’s Milani in gold at the base and the top and a gold M embossed on the cap and a lot of other Ms all over the tube. Way to go Milani !



This is very impressive for a drugstore brand; makes it look very high end. To dispense more product, twist the bottom of the tube. It makes a clicking sound that I like so much. Weird right? The cap closes tightly with a click.

More on the product claims. It’s definitely moisturising and hydrating. And it’s so lightweight that for a mo, I forgot there was something even on my lips!

It’s sheer but buildable to a semi – opaque colour. However because it’s so sheer, the staying power isn’t very good. I get 2 hours maximum wear before it fades but I don’t mind reapplying.  

I find that the formula is somewhat similar to hornets Jordana’s moisturising balm stain but Jordana is a tad bit more pigmented. There’s no feathering or bleeding and thankfully does not settle into lip lines. It has a slight fruity smell that I quite like but no taste.


Top: Jordana balm stain one swipe
Bottom: Milani HD Advanced 3 swipes. I apologize for the low quality hand swatches  😔

The lip colour looked quite dark in the tube but I was pleasantly surprised (not necessarily in a good way) about the colour that showed up on my lips


I managed to nick it when I was putting the cap back on. I can’t for the life of me figure out how that happened.

Unlike a lot of Milani’s lip products, this is pretty small. It contains 0.06oz/1.8g of product, which means if you’re using it often, you’re going to run out pretty quick since it’s so sheer, you’ll need a lot more to provide opaque coverage.

Do I recommend this? Definitely. If you’re not into extremely loud lip colour or are looking for something to soothe your chapped lips.


It looks quite pigmented on my lips but I can’t remember just how many swatches I did. It appears more berry on me but I’m guessing my natural lip colour contributed to this so it may look different on someone with more pigmented lips.

• Does not feather or bleed
• Beautiful packaging
• Does not settle into lip lines
• Moisturising and hydrating
• Lightweight
• Not sticky or tacky

• Too little product
• Staying power is dismal

The pros outweigh the cons so I say go for it !

Have you tried this? Hated it? Loved it? Share !

Beverly xx


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