21 questions — literally !

Inspired by Cheryl over at askcherylchristine.com, I’m going to do a quick post about myself, then I’ll tag another blogger to answer the same questions then they can tag other bloggers then they can tag others… I’m sure you get my drift.

Diving right in!

What is your middle name?
Audrey (not a lot of people know this)

Favourite drink?
Coca-cola. Yes I know it’s unhealthy and blah blah but I love it !

Favourite song at the moment?
Sorry – Justin Beiber. I started out not liking this but it’s grown on me and now I love it !

Favourite food?
Chinese food, although I don’t eat it as often as I would like

Last thing you bought?
Milani lip flash gloss pencil

Favourite book of all time?
Can I name more than one? The Harry Potter books (you saw what I did there right?) and Echoes by Danielle Steel

Favourite colour?
Definitely purple

Do you have any pets?

Favourite perfume?
Armani Code by Giorgio Armani and Versace Woman

Favourite holiday?
All of them !

Are you married?

Ever been out the country?
Does in my dreams count?

Speak any other languages?
French. I think

How many siblings do you have?
Two younger brothers

Favourite store?
The Mac and Estee Lauder stores. I just stare at all the beautiful makeup I can’t afford

Favourite restaurant?
None in particular

Last time you cried?
I don’t remember

Favourite blog?
Arielle withallmyaffection.com
Christine temptalia.com
Isabella musingsofamuse.com
Cheryl askcherylchristine.com

Favourite movie?
Hm. I’ll get back to you on this

Favourite TV show?
Glee ! (This is one out of many)

PC or Mac?
PC. Although I’d really like a Mac

What phone do you have?
Motorola Moto X

One thing in your closet you cannot live without?
Jeans. Throw them on and go

What kind of style would you define the yourself as having?
Laid back, easy going

Two hobbies?
Reading and writing, blogging (tehee at myself)

What quote/phrase do you live by?

Guilty pleasures?
Danish butter cookies. I can eat a whole can 🙈

Favourite youTubers?
Jackie Aina

If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s one item of makeup you can be without?

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Beverly xx


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